Best travel accessories and gadgets in 2019

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(Last Updated On: 25. Jan 2023)

Being a frequent traveler I often realize I’m missing best travel accessories and gadgets that could make my life easier. During long flights I wish I had a nice pillow, or during a long road trip, when I miss a tool. Or at the airport, when I try to sleep, but it’s just so noisy. Wish I had a list of the must-have’s that will always go into my luggage. Sounds familiar?

Well, luckily, there are passionate travelers out there who seem to have come up with the best travel accessories to make the whole experience easier and more fun. Let’s look at some of the coolest gadgets. Not all of them are electronics though – some are just really useful everyday items that could make a difference.



Have you ever slept in the airports before? If you have, you probably know how difficult it might be: all the noise from arriving and departing passengers, hardworking service personnel, screaming children. If you are exhausted enough, you can still drift to sleep eventually, but what if you are a light sleeper. I know that I am. This might turn into a real nightmare and the money you saved on the hotel might seem ridiculous. Sure, you could try sleeping wearing your headphones, but I’m sure the good ones (those that can compensate the noise) are hardly too comfortable to wear while laying down.  Luckily, there is a solution – a one-time investment. The SleepPhones – a band with built-in headphones, allowing you to relax and enjoy the music while drifting to nice dreams.

reef stash sandals

Reef Stash Sandals

Planned beach holidays with the family are great, but sometimes you might just end up at the resort unexpectedly. Remember the times when you just really wanted to dip in the water, but had no one around you to keep an eye on your stuff? Well, luckily, this problem might finally find a solution. These little helpers – the Reef Stash Sandals – might be your life-saver next time you are at the beach by yourself. There is a secret tray that slides out and some small items (like hotel key card, cash or your smartphone) can be stored there. What a treasure for solo travelers!

heated insoles

Foot Warmers

Having myself cold feet, I often wonder if there is a way to keep your toes warm even if you don’t wear proper winter boots. Imagine you are traveling somewhere it is warm, but need to get to the airport first. Imagine you need to use local transport, and it’s snowing outside. Would you really pack heavy boots and drag them with you through your long travels? Sometimes, on long flights, you might get cold feet as well! Luckily, there is a fantastic solution for cold feet problem! Heated Insoles are amazing, easy to control with a remote and don’t take up almost any space in you luggage!

wallet ninja

Wallet Ninja

This credit card sized tool is a must have for any frequent traveler – it’s just so convenient! A total of 18 different options is included in the design – from bottle opener to screw driver and a ruler. All those little things you were missing last time are now packed in a tiny little life saver! Wallet Ninja is something you would want to have with you at all times! And the best thing – it is TSA-approved, so feel free to take it with you to the next long haul flight!

Purifier Bottle

Now traveling can be fun and safe for the most of western countries, but what if you are going somewhere, where pure tap water is a luxury (e.g. Middle East, Central America, Asia or Africa ). You certainly wouldn’t want to take risks with you health! Here is a solution for you – a water purifier bottle that will produce 0.75l of clear and pure water in just 60 seconds! This way you can actually save on bottled water and in some countries you might save a lot, as hot climate requires you to drink constantly.



Air Mattress, that can be stored in a pump

Hitting town and have nowhere to sleep? Or you have a friend, but they just don’t have a coach for you? No problem! With this inflatable mattress, that can be stored in a pump, you are all set. It doesn’t take up much space but serves as you personal bed wherever you go! Feel like sleeping in a tent – just grab one of those and hit the road! You could even stretch at the airport for a few hours – just pick a nice quiet corner with a power socket (OK, not necessarily) and have your own bed ready! Truly, a must have for any globe trotter!

Money belt

Rome? Kuala Lumpur? Mexico City? Barcelona? No, they are not dangerous, but they are home to some professional pickpockets. Keep your money safe with this very discreet and light money belt. Keep your eyes open and make sure to read about the least safe countries for traveling.


Universal travel charger

A must-have for all international travelers. It just doesn’t make sense to carry a different adapter for each country anymore. This one-time investment will have you covered for virtually anywhere you might go. The product, which could be complemented with a tablet charger pack, also promises to deliver fast charging. It will work with any USB powered device (smartphone, tablet etc). Wish I found it before buying that expensive UK adapter back in the days!

What is your favorite travel gadget?

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