20 travel facts you didn’t know about

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(Last Updated On: 7. Feb 2023)

Do you know a lot of travel facts? Traveling a lot, but how much do we actually know about the world? There is too much information available nowadays, so here is a list we found with the most interesting travel facts.

It’s travel trivia time! Let’s look at some travel facts and see, if we can learn something new about the world!

Travel facts: Country trivia

travel facts

  • Did you know that Mongolia is considered the most remote destination is the World? You will hardly meet any neighbors there! Population density is only 4 people per square mile.

  • The largest country with no farms is Singapore. Apparently they import all the food.

  • Although there are other unsafe countries out there, Somalia is by far the least safe of all.

  • The are no rivers in Saudi Arabia! Sounds crazy for a country of that size. However, it’s true. Most of the water comes from underground reservoirs or is cleaned sea water. Makes sense to have a water purifier at hand!

  • Falkland Islands are home to half a million sheep and only 3000 people. Wool products are the main export.

  • The lowest nation on Earth is the Maldives, with only 1.8 meters above sea level. If you want to have a family get away in this place, I suggest the Avani+ fares in the maldives.

  • Liechtenstein is a tiny little country in central Europe. During it’s last war in 1866, 80 soldiers were sent to Italy. There were 81 coming back. No wonder no one wants to fight them anymore.

  • France covers the most time zones

travel facts

Fun Travel facts

  • The longest train journey within the same country is (surprise!) in Russia, where you can travel from Europe to Asia on the Trans-Siberian Express. The journey is 9259km long and it takes 178 hours to travel. The route from Moscow to Vladivostok has 67 stops on the way. Grab yourself a good book!

  • Literacy rate in Japan is 100%

  • The most linguistically diverse country in the World is Papua New Guinea. Over 820 languages are spoken here (12% of all world languages)

  • Sounds unbelievable, but United States in the only country in the world where employer isn’t required to offer paid vacation!

  • 18 out of the 30 largest hotels in the world are located in Las Vegas. It is the city with most hotel rooms.

  • The money tossed into Trevi Fountain (around 3000 Euro) in Rome is collected at nights and donated to charity.

  • Traveling alone will strengthen your problem solving skill

  • Street art is legal in Rio

travel facts

Travel facts: food

  • Largest volume of chocolate is sold in Brussels Airport – more than in any store anywhere in the World!

  • Be careful with adding salt and pepper to your meals in Switzerland – it is considered rude! You should eat the food the way it is prepared.

  • Ancestors of modern croissants were invented in Austria in 13th century.

  • Largest number is McDonalds restaurants in Europe is in Sweden

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