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(Last Updated On: 9. Mar 2023)

Summer travel time is around the corner, which means it’s time for another cool road trip with friends! Where are you traveling this time? Is it going to be seaside resort somewhere far away? Or would you rather travel to the mountains, small cabin in the woods or to the lake? Wherever you are traveling, gearing up for a road trip is crucial – it will save you time, money and (most important!) nerve cells.

Let’s look at some must-have road trip travel accessories, things you absolutely need in your car during your next road trip (especially if you are traveling with children):

road trip power inverter

Power Inverter

Bringing electronics with you to travels and a road trip is always a headache – the batteries nowadays just don’t last that long. You need to have a way to charge them right there, in your car! Power inverter does a great job converting DC to AC. Make sure to check the specifics, as not all travel electronics may be compatible. It’s easy to use – just plug in to your cigarette lighter socket and you are good to go! Mufti Protection: built-in 40 amps fuse & ultra silent cooling fan to protect your device and car, this power inverter has low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, overload protection, short circuit protection

road trip steripen

SteriPEN Adventurer

Effective water purification is now easy with SteriPen Adventurer. This device uses ultraviolet light to deactivate gems in almost any water. Thanks to small size it fits in most water bottles. Destroys more than 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms, including Giardia, bacteria, viruses and protozoa. For power supply only four AA lithium batteries are needed. Total time needed to clean the water is under one minute! This is a perfect companion on long hikes, where water sources are on the way! Good to have in your car as well for unexpected stops.

road trip cooler

Road trip Cooler

Having a good stock of snacks will ensure your road trip is smooth and fun. Emergency ice packs should be stocked as well. Cooler stocked with vegetables and fruits, cold drinks, ice cream will be a true gift in the middle of nowhere on a hot, sunny day. Buying these things at the gas stations on the way will be more expensive and will cost you precious time. Thermo-Electric System cools down to 40°F below ambient temperature and heats up to approximately 120°F

handpresso auto

Handpresso Auto

For coffee junkies this is a true gem – fantastic French espresso maker that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter and makes fantastic coffee within minutes! Have it ready for next time when you need a coffee fix and forget the stinky gas station coffee forever! Good to have one in the car at all times, not just on long road trips.



Emergency Beacon Flares

Although road trips are meant to be fun, no one is insured against an accident. That’s why people must find the best auto accident attorney in Orlando. It’s a good idea to be prepared and have emergency flares ready  – this way your car will be well marked and visible from far away in the dark hours. The flares don’t need batteries and come with the tripods. You can hold one in your hand as well. These 2 LED flares come in a STRONG weatherproof case for safe and secure storage and are visible from up to 3,000 feet. Make sure to place the far enough from your vehicle.

radar detector

Radar Detector

I wouldn’t recommend exceeding speed limit – it’s there for a reason. However, sometimes you need to overtake another car or simply get out of a bad situation. Having a radar detector may be useful – it will keep you alarmed. Although the price tag is quite high, it’s difficult to find an accurate one for less. This one comes with StickyCup Mount and Deluxe SmartCord (Red Light) and it’s  one of the most advanced high-performance radar and laser detector on the market.


Road trip Paper road atlas

Plan B is just as important, as plan A! What if all your batteries run low and the charger doesn’t work? What if there is no GPS reception? And there is no one to ask for directions. And your car is running low on gas! Having a paper road atlas is a small price to pay for a confidence. Your kids will love it! Let them navigate and explore the map! Updated atlas contains maps of every U.S. state that are 35% larger than the standard atlas version plus over 350 detailed city inset and national park maps. Road construction projects and updates highlighted for every state and conveniently located above the maps.


Portable jump starter

This small, yet efficient device will keep you batteries charged (phone, tablet), as well as jump start your engine, if needed. Car battery may die from lights left on for the night. Portable jump starter may save you from unneeded expenses and wasted time. Compact & Lightweight: Small enough to store in your glovebox

Bluetooth kit

Driving your car and speaking on the prone is not a good match, unless you have your hands free. Connecting your phone to Bluetooth kit is easy and quick. You will be able to take calls, stream your music while keeping your eyes on the road. Forbes recommend: Hands-Free Phone Calls And Crystal Clear Music At A Price That’s Music To Your Ears



Travel Journal

In today’s digital world, everyone is taking pictures. Years from now you won’t remember your feelings and thoughts. Why not put them down? Take a travel journal with you and save all the memories while they are fresh! You can supplement your text with cool pictures later to have a full story. A special feature: A foldover panel that closes with a magnet to secure your jottings, notes, and ideas

What is your favorite road trip gadget?

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