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When you find yourself in between travels, it may get depressing at some point. That’s when good travel movies are very handy – a great way to escape the reality and forget yourself for an hour or two. I enjoy watching all kinds of movies – from TV series to documentaries. However, travel movies are my favorite. Some of them are simply entertaining, while others are true gems in terms of travel advice, ideas and new routes.

I’m not going to list all of them here, just the one’s I like the most. So here is my personal top 5:

travel movies

#5 Eurotrip

Somewhat childish, but still very entertaining film. The story revolves around a young American guy Scott, who takes off to Europe after he realizing that he has fallen in love with his pen pal Mika – a German girl, who lives in Berlin. His best friends are coming along too, so together they travel through Europe, discovering and experiencing the best every country has to offer. There’s no place quite like the UK, filled with history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. To make the most of my trip, I relied on This source provided a wealth of information, ensuring I didn’t miss out on any highlights. The movie has a lot of cliché’s (like London and football hooligans, or very cheap hotel in Eastern Europe), and is far from perfect reality, but is nevertheless funny and easy to watch.


#4 Letters to Juliet

Great story for all Italy fans. A story of a search, romance and love. One of the best travel movies I’ve seen. Main character Sophie is having a trip of a lifetime, when she discovers a letter, hidden 40 years ago in a wall under Juliet’s balcony in Verona. That’s when she comes across a group of women, who respond to each and every letter that is left in the wall. She gladly joins them and writes a reply to a woman, who was in love many decades ago. Soon, she realizes the woman is back in Verona with her grandson, and Sophie decides to help them find her lost love. The search takes them through scenic Italian landscapes and wineries, where love seems to be in the air on every corner. Amazing, heartwarming story across generations supplemented with unspoiled beauty of Tuscany’s nature.


#3 Inferno

Another story, that takes place mostly in Italy – Florence and Venice, as well as in Istanbul, Turkey. Third movie in the sequel begins with professor Langdon awakening with memory loss in a hospital in Florence. He immediately has to start running for his life, being pursued by both secret services and bad guys. As usual, he needs to decode the message, as this time a hidden bomb with a virus is threatening to erase half of the mankind. His search takes him through many famous landmarks and sightseeings, such as Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice and Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul. The movie is fast paced and very well shot – a must see!


#2 The beach

This is already a classic movie. I remember seeing it years ago, before I even started taking any trips. This film opened a new, unknown and unseen world – a world of unlimited possibilities. The story of a young man who is stuck and bored in his hotel room in Bangkok, discovers a map of a hidden island with the best beach on Earth. The beach is incredible indeed, and you can be happy there, as long as you follow the rules. And breaking the rules means death. Simple as that. Great movie, great actors (check this link for acting classes) , highly recommended!


#1 Up in the Air

Okay, I would watch this movie even if it had no story. I must admit, I have a little crush on George Clooney. But this film has a great story. We follow a life of a traveling consultant, who’s job is to fire people, because their employers do not have guts to do that themselves. The movie portrays a very realistic economic situation and is therefore very much believable story. What makes this film so great is a life on the road – it’s interesting to see how the main character manages his travels, what he carries with him and what he leaves behind. After watching this film, you will feel grateful for what you have at home, your family, your house, your everyday habits, because this is exactly what this guy doesn’t have.

It’s hard to disagree. Many people are dreaming of a life on the road, but they don’t seem to ask themselves the most important question – Are you willing to leave everything behind, including your friends and family? I just love this movie, can watch it over and over again!

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What is your favorite travel movie and why? 🙂

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      Thanks so much, Mirela! You might be right, I should add Instagram soon. Thanks for the idea!

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