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travel budget

How I blew my travel budget

During my latest trip to Italy, I managed to blow my travel budget so badly, it still hurts. A lot of things went wrong, from most basic to some really unexpected ones. I learned a lot and made a list of top lessons to share with other travelers (so you won’t have to repeat my mistakes).

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The most beautiful, yet inexpensive destinations

Traveling on budget is usually tough. There are so many expenses to consider – flights, hotels, transportation, food. The list goes on. But what if there were some really beautiful, yet inexpensive destinations out there? In fact there are few and we are going to look at them in more detail. Before we proceed with our list, here are some tips on how to get cheap flights, affordable hotels and how to save some travel money. All these topics have been covered in this blog already.

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financial freedom

Get rich and spend the rest of your life traveling

Each one of us has this thought from time to time: How to get rich? How to quit my job and have enough money for traveling? The fact is most people are running in a circle, that is keeping them from getting rich and wealthy – taking more and more debt and ending up paying interest only. To make the first step in the direction of getting out is to realize how much debt you have and get rid of it first. Getting rich starts with realizing where you are standing.

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travel money

How to save some travel money

Travel budget (or travel money) is often hard to build, especially if you are planning on going somewhere further than neighboring village. Flight tickets, hotels, food and local transport, not to mention museum passes and other entrance fees. No wonder most people can’t afford to travel every year – you still want to live and be normal, meaning going out with your friends once in a while or getting that new piece of furniture you have been planning to get for a while now.

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