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20 Life lessons learned from traveling

Traveling several times per year leaves you with a lot of emotions. But what happens, when the initial excitement fades and there are only good memories left (and cool photos). Perhaps it’s time to analyze what you have seen, and most importantly – learned – during your trip. Visiting new places leaves a trace in your life. You are not the same person. You should not be. Getting out of your everyday life transform you, gives you a new perspective of life, allows you to see how life is beyond your own horizons.

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travel blog tips

Travel blog tips for beginners

Starting a travel blog has never been easier. All you need is a little bit of initial investment, some amazing travel stories and couple of hours per week to manage the whole thing. Unlike before, when creating a website involved some degree of programming skills, blog platforms seem to be doing most work for you. All you really need to do is learn how to manage content, add pictures, respond to comments and share your writing. So let’s look at the process step by step and some travel blog tips to successfully market your content.

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solo travel

Solo travel advantages

It’s been a while since my last solo travel. To be honest, some time ago I truly thought I would never do that again. But things change, and it’s not always easy to find a buddy to take along on the next adventure. And there is just so much to see out there. Long story short – solo travel is sadly inevitable in many cases. Your friends and family have busy lives of their own and you can’t spend your life waiting around for someone to come along.

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hotel booking websites

Best hotel booking websites for 2017

Being a long time fan of hotel booking websites and particularly Booking.com, I haven’t really bothered checking anywhere else in the past. There is a trip to Nice (France) coming right up, and after changing hotel reservation several times I decided to look elsewhere – just in case. Well, what a surprise – here is what I found:

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How to survive long flight

Taking a long flight can be a torture sometimes, especially if you are flying in economy seat. Spending long hours is both physically and mentally exhausting. So what can be done to improve this experience and make it easier next time you step aboard? Let’s look at some suggestions by experienced long flight travelers.

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healthy travel tips

15 Healthy travel tips

Healthy travel should be a priority for anyone, who is going on a long trip. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a hospital for the whole duration of your holiday. But how do you prevent sickness? This simple guide will give you an idea, what to pack with you next time you fly abroad, what snacks and food are OK to use and how to protect yourself from bacteria.

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Best road trip accessories

Summer travel time is around the corner, which means it’s time for another cool road trip with friends! Where are you traveling this time? Is it going to be seaside resort somewhere far away? Or would you rather travel to the mountains, small cabin in the woods or to the lake? Wherever you are traveling, gearing up for a road trip is crucial – it will save you time, money and (most important!) nerve cells.

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The least safe countries for traveling

Frequent travelers may hear this question a lot – What was the least safe country you have been to? Especially those who travel alone. What makes a country dangerous for a tourist? Surely some countries are portrayed as least safe countries, even violent against foreign visitors. In most cases they are not safe for their citizens either. As Tom Perko mentioned at his TED talk, the people are mostly friendly everywhere, but it’s the media that creates these images. Also there are rumors, that neighboring countries create about each other which in fact are not true at all. There are, however, real stories, when people end up in unpleasant situations and feel threatened.

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travel jobs

Best Travel Jobs to consider right now

It seems to be the plague of the modern world – people are stuck in their 9-5 office jobs and unable to get out. Some have never even left their own country! They would create thousands of reasons why they can’t leave – family, house, mortgage. Sound familiar? There are no written rules how you should live your own life. If doing what everyone else does isn’t for you, it might be a first sign that it’s time for a change and look at travel jobs. Have you ever considered leaving everything behind and just taking off, chasing your dreams? Maybe it’s not too late! There are companies out there that will pay you for traveling. Let’s look at some possibilities.

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best travel gadgets

Best travel accessories and gadgets in 2016

Being a frequent traveler I often realize I’m missing best travel accessories and gadgets that could make my life easier. During long flights I wish I had a nice pillow, or during a long road trip, when I miss a tool. Or at the airport, when I try to sleep, but it’s just so noisy. Wish I had a list of the must-have’s that will always go into my luggage. Sounds familiar?

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