70 proven financial affirmations that work as a charm

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(Last Updated On: 5. Sep 2023)

financial affirmations

Have you ever felt like money keeps disappearing from your bank account way faster than expected? Well, you may be surprised to hear that it happens to almost everyone. With so many options on how to spend it, no wonder it doesn’t stick around! Financial affirmations are our little lifesavers, as they help us stay focused and on track when it comes to excessive spending. Do maintain a saving in the bank that will be useful in the future when you run out of money. Nowadays, even entrusting your data to the bank is not safe since there is a fear of data from being stolen. That’s why it is better to install electric utility cyber security in the main server, which protects against unnecessary and unwanted entry to the server.

Keeping your money spending under control is easier than you think. We are the victims of our habits. Changing our habits is the key to changing our life, one step at a time. Remembering and repeating money affirmations is an easy and proven way to change your lifestyle and achieve your financial goals.

How do financial affirmations work?

The psychology behind repeating financial affirmations (also referred to as money mantras or abundance affirmations) is quite simple – by repeating certain sentences repeatedly, we program our brain to do exactly what we want it to.

Experts at Oil Profit talk about how having a habit of going through the list of your personal money mantras or abundance affirmations will have a long-lasting effect on the quality of your life and your overall attitude towards money and wealth. A positive attitude towards the money topic will eventually attract more money and wealth without you even noticing.

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Why positive affirmations are important?

Having a positive attitude is crucial when repeating financial affirmations. Our brain works in such a way, that negative emotions tend to stick and cause more damage than we realize. For instance, Self-love affirmations work like a charm if you have low esteem. Simply changing our mindset to think positively can have a huge impact on our productiveness, how we achieve our goals, and overall happiness. Remember – money comes to those who are open to it. More advice on how to save money for traveling.

So here is the list of my favorite financial affirmations that can truly make a difference.

    1. I have a great relation relationship with money. Money loves me
    2. There is so much in my life that can’t be measured in money.
    3. I am grateful for all the changes I’m getting in life to earn and keep the money. I love my job!
    4. I am the one making decisions in my financial life. Therefore, I am responsible and powerful
    5. There is no other way but to be financially successful. I am on my way there
    6. I will never quit making money even if I stop working.
    7. Money is everywhere and it is flowing to me in all directions.
    8. “get rich” quick schemes are not for me. I will make my own millions MY WAY.
    9. Spending money on unnecessary things is a waste. I will not do that
    10. I don’t earn just for myself – I will share with my family if needed.
    11. I only spend on things that are truly important and needed.
    12. I will always spend less than I earn. At least 10% need to be put aside.
    13. Increasing my earnings is a matter of time. I will find ways to earn more every year.
    14. I am wealthy, have no debt, and will keep it that way
    15. If I have debt, I will repay it first and then start saving
    16. I am saving easily and can live from just 50% of my salary
    17. I will reach financial success by taking the right choices today that will benefit me tomorrow.
    18. Family comes first! Money is not the most important thing in life.
    19. I will never use credit cards again to spend moneyfinancial affirmations
    20. I will stick to a budget and try to not exceed it
    21. My financial goals are clear and visible.
    22. I know what I need to achieve, and I am on my way
    23. I will not let anything get in my way
    24. I will get wealthier and enjoy it.
    25. Cooking at home is healthier than eating out, so I will prepare my own food
    26. I will invest in a proper coffee machine and never buy from Starbucks again
    27. With my new money mindset, I will never listen to other people’s financial advice because it’s not applicable to me
    28. I will invest in good financial books and study my way up to reach prosperity
    29. I will keep a diary and record all my spending
    30. Having an overview will help me create a budget
    31. Sticking to the budget will get me closer to my goals
    32. I will have a separate account with SOS money in case I need it
    33. I will start buying second hand whenever possible
    34. I will sell my own old stuff and get some additional money
    35. I will try to live a simple life with less stuff in my house.
    36. I will still take vacations but consider checking out nearby National parks, rather than expensive trips to Europe.
    37. I will always be in control of my expenses
    38. For every dollar spent I will have 2 dollars put aside
    39. Ten years from now I will have a passive income and will be able to work part-time
    40. I will pay out my mortgage in 5 years.
    41. Instead of signing up for a gym, I will adopt a dog and take it for a walk.
    42. I will always have enough money to enjoy a simple but good life.
    43. I will learn to enjoy life without buying anything
    44. I will use every chance to attract wealth and earn some extra money to put in aside
    45. I will be financially free in less than 15 years
    46. I will find likeminded people to discuss our paths to wealth and talk about money
    47. I will start my own home-based business based on what I like to do with the help of experts from experienced spray foam insulation in Houston.
    48. When my business is successful, I will quit my job
    49. I will keep a diary of my way to success
    50. I will earn my wealth slowly, so it doesn’t start to control me
    51. I will never quit because there is no other way for me to reach financial abundance
    52. In 10 years from now, I will live a wealthy life
    53. In 15 years from now, I will consider myself foolish for living like I do today
    54. My commitment will take me to my goalsfinancial affirmations
    55. I will track all my expenses and write them down
    56. I will analyze my expenses and make corrections in my budget
    57. I will not make emotional purchases
    58. I will never go to groceries while hungry
    59. I am confident and ready to start right now. Wealth affirmations will help me
    60. My money situation is not the worst and can be fixed
    61. I will take the journey with ease and a smile
    62. There are so many options when it comes to money-making
    63. I will learn a new skill that can help me make more money
    64. I deserve a better life
    65. I will never go back to my old habits
    66. Every new day will begin with a smile
    67. I don’t need to be rich, I need to have enough money to live a comfortable life
    68. I will have daily/weekly challenges to help me save more and attract money
    69. Every saved dollar make me happy and proud
    70. I will combine saving money with losing weight

    financial affirmations

    Money affirmations that work

    It’s important to repeat these financial affirmations every day if you really want them to work. Pick out those that best suit you and keep them close. A positive attitude is a key to changing your mindset. Eventually, you will realize that your life is changing without you even noticing. If you own a business, small or large, working with a merchant service provider to make it easier for you to set up payments is a move you should seriously consider. Look for merchant services that offer a wide range of payment options.

    My story

    My relationship with money has not been easy all along. Up until the age of 35, I was spending it all and living from salary to salary. Then, at some point, I realized that I’m already quite old but don’t even own any financial assets, not even an apartment. I came up with these financial affirmations and started repeating them whenever I could. Next, I decided to start saving as much as I could. First things first – I paid for my car and now it’s mine (not banks). Next on my list is a down payment on an apartment that I plan to rent out.

    Eventually, I hope to reach a point when I don’t have to work anymore and simply enjoy financial freedom.

    I hope this list helps you as well. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!

    financial affirmations financial affirmations


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