Flam Railway Journey along Norwegian Fjords

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(Last Updated On: 12. Nov 2019)

flam railway

This is my second bucket list item – once again it’s a rail journey. Flam railway route is among the most scenic and popular tourist routes in Norway, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Within an hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Sognefjord in Flåm to the Myrdal mountain station at 867 metres above sea level.

In fact, Flam Railway is based on the route connecting Bergen and Oslo. So it’s very easy to fit this trip within your travel itinerary between those two cool Norwegian cities.

About Flam Railway

The journey is truly breathtaking as well as one of the steepest in the world – 80% of the journey is at a gradient of 5.5%.  You will see spectacular scenery, vertiginous mountainsides, foaming waterfalls and will pass through 20 tunnels with many great viewpoints. You can start at Myrdal, make your way to Flam and then come back.

Flam railway map

Total length of the trip is around 20 kilometers and it is part of the Bergen line. It runs through the Flam valley and connects the main line with Sognefjord and the Flam fjord village. Duration of the trip is one hour.

Flam railway

Norway in a nutshell

Combined with famous Norwegian coastal cruise line Hurtigruten – Norway in a nutshell is an itinerary that will take you to the most scenic places on the coast. It is easy to customize to meet your interests and requirements. Recommended trip length – 4 days.  Here is a sample itinerary:

  • The Dovre Railway through beautiful valley and mountain terrain
  • A scenic Hurtigruten costal cruise incl. overnight stay, Trondheim-Bergen
  • The scenic Bergen Railway
  • The breathtaking Flåm Railway
  • Fjord cruise on the magnificent Aurlandsfjord and on the narrow Nærøyfjord
  • Bus trip including Stalheimskleiva (May-September)

Flam railway

In 2014, Lonely Planet Traveller named it the best train journey in the world. The trip is accessible in both summer and winter months.

Tickets can be purchased on the official website of Visit Flam.

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Flam railway

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