La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots review

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(Last Updated On: 27. Feb 2023)

La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots

Today I’d like to review the newest addition to my hiking gear collection – La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots for women. I came across this model when I was searching for a new pair of boots that can take me anywhere, from soft wood trails to rocky mountain paths. My budget was limited, so these came in as a really good deal – great price, plenty of stability, support, Gore-Tex technology etc.

I took them for a test run in our local wood trek – 8,5 km in snow, ice and sand conditions. To say it briefly – i’m really happy with them. Apart from some minor discomfort, they are truly great all year boots, suitable for very different conditions. Kind of a “one-size-fits-it-all” sort of boot.

La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots

How do the La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots feel?

While they may take some getting used to, trekking boots are a crucial piece of footwear for anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors. With their sturdy soles and ankle support, they provide a sense of security and stability that can be hard to find in other types of shoes. That being said, it’s important to note that these boots may feel a bit strange at first, particularly if you’re used to softer, more flexible footwear. Walking on soft ground can almost feel like wearing a ski boot around the house! But don’t worry – with a little bit of time and practice, you’ll soon get used to the feel of your new boots. And for those who want to combine fashion with function, why not check out the wide range of cowboy boots canada has to offer? With their rugged, Western-inspired style and durable construction, they’re the perfect way to make a statement while staying comfortable and protected on the trails.

Walking long distance will make your feet tired, but that is understandable. For a boot that is brand new, walking 8,5km without major discomfort seems already a great achievement.

La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots

Technology behind La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots

These boots are equipped with 3D Flex System, that provides support and maximum stability control on all types of terrain. Thanks to Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining, maximum breathability is guaranteed. Vibram outsole provides excellent traction on the widest range of surfaces and high degree of abrasion resistance.

The boot is relatively lightweight – it weights only around 1kg, making it an ideal model for long, full-day treks with heavy backpack.

La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots

What I didn’t like?

Perhaps this is due to the terrain I chose for testing these boots, but I wasn’t particularly happy with how my feet fatigued. I realize this is probably due to the fact that the boots were out of the box new and probably because I haven’t worn them in yet. A few times I felt like my blood circulation was getting bad, so I had to loosen the laces.

After some kilometers I felt that the boots were disconnecting from my leg a bit. When I bent over to check the laces, I found out they were already untied, but thanks to locking hooks, I could still continue walking without bothering to tie them right away.

La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots

Verdict – should you buy La Sportiva Cornon GTX Boots?

Well, it depends on your hiking style and needs. If you go hiking every other weekend with occasional mountain trips (e.g. Samaria Gorge walk in Crete) once or twice per year, they might do just fine for you. From what I can see, they are solidly built, good quality, breathable and waterproof – everything you would want from a  good boot. I’m taking them to Annapurna Basecamp trek in Nepal later this year.

However, if mountain hiking is something you do regularly and spend lots of hours on trekking routes, there may be better (and pricier) options out there to suit your needs.

What are your favorite hiking boots?

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