Cheap SKI holidays with Ryanair flights

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(Last Updated On: 23. Oct 2019)

Winter season is just around the corner with first snow coming down in higher mountains. It’s time to plan your next awesome ski adventure. If you love mountains (like I do), ski holidays are an absolute must. This kind of holiday, however, doesn’t come cheap. Package holiday deals start from 300-400€. Luckily, there is Ryanair ready to take you to your next crazy adventure. Let’s look at some cheap ski holidays resorts that can be reached via this European low cost airline.

Cheap SKI holidays with Ryanair flights Pamporovo

Pamporovo (Ryanair cheap ski holidays flight to Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Pamporovo is a among the most popular ski resorts in Southern Bulgaria. The weather here is mild, with around 150 days of snowfall each year. Total length of  ski-runs is 55 km. It is served by 18 lifts. With over 120 sunny days during winter months, this is a great resort to plan your winter ski holiday. As a matter of fact, you may reach the border with Greece in just half an hour drive enjoy the beach! What a great destinations for cheap ski holidays!

Cheap SKI holidays with Ryanair flights Pamporovo

Lift pass prices: 7 days – 144€. Accommodation is quite cheap, double room can be booked from 200€/7 days for two.

How to get there? There is no regular bus service, so you would be better off pre-booking a transfer. The price is around 60€ per car one way. You can fly to Plodviv (nearest airport) from Brussels, Frankfurt Hahn, London Stansted and Milano Bergamo.

Cheap ski holidays Ryanair Bad Hofastein

Bad Hofastein (flight to Salzburg, Austria)

Also known to be a spa town resort, Gastein valley offers ski options for both beginners and seasonal skiers. Bad Hosgastein is a small village with lots of restaurants and shops as well as nice pedestrian center for evening walks. It lacks the action and is rather quiet and peaceful place. the slopes can be reached via funicular, which can get crowded at times. Alternatively, if you are tired from the slopes, consider visiting Eisriesenwelt – largest ice cave in Europe!

Cheap ski holidays Ryanair Bad Hofastein

Lift pass price – €52/day, 257€/6 days. Overall prices are rather high, accommodation prices start at around 300€/room/7 days if booked well in advance.

How to get there? By train from Salzburg, price: from 9€/one way. You can fly to Salzburg (nearest airport) from Dublin and London.

Cheap ski holidays Ryanair Foppolo

Foppolo (flight to Bergamo,Italy)

One of the oldest and probably best known ski resorts is Lombardy region. The resort has been around for a while and is therefore nice and cozy with great infrastructure. It is especially great for beginners with many entry level slopes. Thanks to it’s location – 1500m above sea level – the snow is usually reliable throughout late spring. Located just 60 min drive from Bergamo airport, it’s an ideal weekend break destination.

Cheap ski holidays Ryanair Foppolo

Lift pass price – €56/2 days, 153€/6 days. resort has lots of accommodation options, restaurants and entertainment. Hotels don’t come cheap, from 500€/room/7 days if booked well in advance.

How to get there? The cheapest option is by bus: from 9€/one way. You can fly to Bergamo (nearest airport) from lots of different countries in Europe.

Cheap ski holidays Ryanair Zakopane

Zakopane (flight to Krakow, Poland)

Great resort for beginners who don’t want to spend small fortune on flights/hotels/ski passes just to watch the pros heading for the peaks. In Zakopane, you will get great service for a fraction of the price you’d pay in western European resorts. One really cool feature of these slopes is the possibility to ski from 9am until 10pm every day. As if that wasn’t enough, there is thermally heated water park and spa hotels to relax after a long day on the slopes.

Cheap ski holidays Ryanair Zakopane

Lift pass price is different among the resorts so you would have to keep buying it as you go. However, the price is hardly above 10-20€/day. To move between slopes, a hired van is recommended. The best option is to pre book a package, as it might get costlier to organize the transport yourself.

How to get there? The cheapest option is by train: from 4€/one way. Flights to Krakow (nearest airport) are operated from lots of different cities in Europe.

Have you been to any of these destinations? Do you have any other to recommend? Please share in comments 🙂


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