Trans Siberian Express – trip of a lifetime!

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(Last Updated On: 23. Oct 2019)

Have you ever felt your life is going too fast and it’s time to slow down? Staying at home and keeping the same routine won’t help much. To really feel the time slowing down and enjoying every moment of it there is no better way than taking a long railway journey. Luckily, there are plenty of those available. Today, we are going to look at bucket list item – Trans Siberian Express.

Trans Siberian Express map

For 100 years, Russian Trans Siberian Express has been the coolest way to get across the country. It connects hundreds of large and small towns between Moscow and Vladivostok. Total length of this journey is 9,289 kilometres (5,772 miles) and you will need a total of 6 days and 4 hours to complete the trip.

Trans Siberian Express

Trans Mongolian Express

If you’d like to see a bit more on the route, you may consider taking the Trans Mongolian Railway which will take you from Moscow all the way to Beijing, the capital of China. Departing from Moscow, you will need to change trains in Ulan Ude (near famous Baikal lake). During this amazing trip you will see the ancient tea-caravan route, colorful Mongolian capital Ulan-Bataar, Great Wall of China and of course the stunning nature and landscapes!

Trans Mongolian Express

Trans Siberian Express


Some stops are 1-5 minutes, while others are 1-3 hours so you will have plenty of time to explore the train station or buy some snacks from local traders. One of the longest stops is in Erlyan – around 4 hours. It’s necessary because wheels of the train need to be changed in order to fit Chinese tracks.


Surprisingly, the cost of this trip is not all that high. We checked 5 months from today and the trip price in a 4-person compartment is about 300 EUR one way. This price includes one meal per day. Most travelers pack instant soups and other quick snacks. Of course, you are welcome to dine at the train restaurant.

Trans Siberian Express

Trans Siberian Express – Impressions

Life on the road is easy and slow pace. You get to see a lot through the window. Some travelers prefer to read a book, talk to fellow travelers or just enjoy the quiet sound of rolling rail car wheels. This is a whole new world without internet, news, stress. You will pass small tows where life is simple and easy. Eventually, after completing this trip, you will have great memories of this amazing and beautiful country.


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