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(Last Updated On: 20. Feb 2023)

Traveling with a cell phone, such as that from Refurbished iPhone Sydney, or a tablet is nothing new these days. However, having a decent connection while you are strolling through a new city may be a problem.

Luckily, there is a cool solution for that – a new travel app called GPSMyCity. The idea is to have a detailed description and itinerary in your phone, with you. Once downloaded, no internet connection is needed. The app locates you via GPS signal and guides you through your city of choice.

There are thousands of articles in 700+ cities available for download – some of them are free (promotions), others require a small fee to stay available while you go offline. The apps are either guided tours or individual sightseeing’s. Either way, they are a great companion for your travels! No need to join a tour group anymore – it’s all in your pocket, as if you were traveling with a local.

Tigrest travel Blog is happy to announce, that two of our articles will be available for download on GPSMyCity.

As a promotion, we are giving away for free our travel article Affordable Holiday Destination Tenerife. This is a detailed itinerary and insight tips for your holiday on this wonderful island!

To access the free app, please follow the link or click on the image below:


Please note, free giveaway expires on December 12th, 2016!

Another travel article available at GPSMyCity – Cool Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia


Special thanks to GPSMyCity for this great opportunity! Hopefully, more travel apps will follow!

By downloading and upgrading the app for offline use you will support this blog, as we will receive a small commission.


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