Unique gift ideas for someone going travelling

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(Last Updated On: 23. Aug 2023)

Christmas is coming sooner than we might realize. Travel accessories can be an amazing gift for travel bloggers, nomads, expats and any other traveling souls. We all love them! Good ones don’t come cheap, though. But what if I told you there is a way to get really nice gift ideas (like birthday gift baskets ) for someone going travelling and get them without paying a fortune. Believe it or not, there is a way! The website is called Aliexpress and, well, it has almost anything you’ll ever need. The best part is – if you order now, your gifts will arrive exactly on time!

I’m going to share a few Unique Gift Ideas for someone going travelling that I personally like and will use. These are amazing travel gifts and could make someone really happy. I’m not doing this as part of an affiliate campaign, but rather just trying to help out fellow travel bloggers and give you some cool ideas for Christmas gift.

travel gift ideas

#1 Luggage cover

Have you ever experienced the frustration, when your new suitcase comes rolling out the airplane security check with scratches and dirt all over it. Mine gave up eventually and cracked into pieces. I really like hard plastic luggage, but it’s just so vulnerable to the way bags are tossed into the plane storage. Anyway, here is a solution that should at least keep the luggage clean – luggage cover. It’s easy to fit around the bag and there are many different designs to choose from.

travel gift ideas
The price for this wonderful invention starts at 5$ for a small, cabin size luggage with just one color. If you’d like something bright and colorful, you might have to pay a little bit more, but not too much.

travel gift ideas

#2 Travel journal

A good travel journal is a must on any trip. How else will you remember exactly how you felt during your trip? The photos will never remind you the exact emotions. Only through writing you can truly seize the moment and store it in your memory. This small and very lightweight travel journal is a fantastic gift and will help to store those precious memories, just like people did centuries ago. Take your time, sit down at a cafe and just keep writing what you experience. I promise, you will have tons of fun reading it again years from now. Price: 14$

travel gift ideas

#3 Custom-Made Socks

Traveling can be tiring, especially when you’re walking around exploring a new city or hiking up a mountain. That’s why a pair of comfortable and personalized socks can make a great gift for the traveler in your life. Not only will they keep their feet warm and cozy, but with the option of foto socken, you can even customize them with a favorite photo or design. It’s a fun and unique way to add a personal touch to their travel gear, and they’ll think of you every time they slip them on.

#4 Refillable bottles for shampoos and other cosmetics

Traveling light has become a major trend lately, since airlines have introduced extra fees for luggage. Now you can bring all your favorite shampoos and shower gels with you – just need to fill these awesome bottles and you are good to go! All pieces are small enough to pass the security check, but big enough to last throughout your trip. If the person you are giving a gift to likes wine or whiskey, there are also gift hampers perth perfect for them.


#5 Passport covers

With these cute nomadic passport covers, your friends will stand out in the crowd. A great gift for traveling souls and adventure seekers, who need to use their passports too often and therefore need a way to protect it. Price range: 2-3$


#6 Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Running around the terminal with a bunch of bags, heavy suitcase, backpack, some liqueur from the tax free shop and boarding passes, when you only have 2 arms – that’s a challenge. Especially if you have a headphones wire all around you. Here is how to avoid that – think about getting wireless headphones. It’s not an expensive toy anymore! In fact, you can these for only 25$! Never bother with breaking the wires again! Such a great gift for all music lovers!


#7 18 in 1 Credit card multi tool

Have you ever experienced a situation, when you desperately need a tool, but you are away from your home garage (visit this site) or toolbox and just can’t have it. So here is a nice little solution for your travels – a small multi tool that will solve 18 different problems for you. Whether you need  a hex key, can opener, bottle opener or a screwdriver – they are all there! The price is ridiculously low – only 0,99$!


#8 Glove pillow

Sleeping in the airport can be tough, as they never seem to switch off the lights. Plus, there is always people walking around, disturbing. Here is a great idea for someone, who HAS TO spend time at the airports, in buses or trains – a glove pillow. Just stick your head and let the world pass by. Have a nap, relax, forget about the time. It’s yours for only 10$


#9 Travel jewelry

Small gifts, just as jewelry pieces like sterling silver charm necklaces might be a great gift for your nomadic friends, if they enjoy wearing them. To give an everlasting impression on your friends, presenting a mood ring is the best way to do so since not only it will make their trip unforgettable but it also molds them personally on how they should be. For only 1-2$ you can order one the pieces above. Another option is to buy spinel rings for sale for a unique jewelry gift that your friend will treasure.

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What are you giving your friends as a Christmas present? Any other gift ideas for someone going travelling?

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