Unique travel journal ideas

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(Last Updated On: 23. Oct 2019)

It’s travel time again, and you will pack something new this time – your travel diary! Why do you need one? Let me explain. Travels are over way too soon. Can you even remember your last trip? Surely there are some awesome selfies, but do you actually remember how you felt? What you were doing, all in detail? Well guess what? Travel diary will help you remember things like that! Next time you are on the road, this little memory foam will suck all your adventures and keep them stored for you. Welcome to Unique travel journal ideas!

Luckily, travel professionals have taken good care of your needs and designed some pretty awesome travel diary and journal designs. Let’s look at some of them.

I Was Here: A Travel Diary for the Curious Minded

Unique travel journal ideasUnique travel journal ideas

What makes this colorful guided travel journal special is that it encourages users to explore the easily overlooked beauty and details encountered while traveling. It is filled with unique and fulfilling journeys and will surprise you with ideas on every page. Among other cool features: plenty of space to capture addresses, itineraries, reviews, and tips from locals; a reference section with time zones, measurements, and other relevant information; graphic pages for note taking; and a back pocket for collecting ephemera. This awesome journal is filled with appealing illustrations and unexpected inspirations and is sure to bring out the adventurer in every traveler.

I’m the kind of traveler who likes to make a detailed itinerary before leaving home and race from one major tourist attraction to the other. I know it’s terrible. I liked this travel diary because of it’s charming illustrations. As i flipped through it, i realized that it was so much more than your average travel journal. Of course you have the usual things… measurement conversions, common phrases in different languages, and time zones. I also loved international coffee and tea traditions. Basically, the pages are filled with suggestions to get you to sit back and really observe your surroundings and catch all the little interesting bits that you may overlook while running between museums and historical sites. You might like a page with “draw every item within your reach at this very moment” or “ask a stranger what they spread on their toast”. The journal has plenty of space to plan your day and write mini reviews of the restaurants you eat at. That might be particularly useful when you decide to blog about it later. Just make sure to take the time to actually use this journal (although it’s almost too pretty to write in), you will end up with a truly magnificent souvenir.

Travel Journal (Compact Journal Series)

Unique travel journal ideas

Next time you are on the road, consider having this little journal as your companion. It’s very handy, front panel closes with a magnet to secure your writing. It also makes a great personal diary – always easy to carry around due to it’s small size.  The design features collages of travel. The journal has a total of 160 lightly-lined opaque pages that provide plenty of space for travel details, personal reflection, or jotting down favorite quotations or poems. The size is very compact: only 5” x 7”. Last but not least, convenient inside back cover pocket holds notes, business cards, receipts, etc.

This diary is just the right size to carry with you while you travel. I like that is lays open flat so it’s easy to write in. The pages are a nice weight, I can write on both sides and it doesn’t bleed through. There is a front magnetic flap that doesn’t really show in the pictures, and it stays closed well while in my purse and protects the book. Also, there is a pocket in the back for things like ticket stubs or receipts that might want to save. Well made, and glad I got this.

Unique travel journal ideasUnique travel journal ideas
Vacation, The Travelers Journal – Blue Hard Cover by Journals Unlimited

This travel diary is very easy to fill and will help remember all of life’s journeys. The journal features prompts, including How I (We) Traveled, Where I (We) Stayed, People I (We) met, Places to remember for next time. On the backside of every page you will find a blank page for special notes and memories you’ll never want to forget. Customers mentioned, that they love this journal, because it has just enough space to get all the important details down without feeling like you have homework over vacation to write an essay.

It’s enough to do a page for each day or just sum up the whole vacation. It is well organized and cues you to write down all the important information, some of which you might not remember later if you don’t record it. It works so well. To make things easier, you can answer some questions to spark the recall of details, plus you have lots of space to write down all the wonderful memories and experiences you just had. Take a moment or two to remember a trip now. Later on, your memories will be lost. And once lost, they will be gone forever. So set them down now in this easy to use travel diary!


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