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(Last Updated On: 12. Nov 2019)

Versatile Blogger AwardTigrest Travel Blog is honored to be nominated to Versatile Blogger Award! Past year has been a roller coaster of events and travels! We are happy to see our Facebook page cross 1000 followers mark. Our Pinterest traffic has skyrocketed in the past month, bringing us close to 2500 new visitors this month! It all means we are doing something right. People are reading our posts and numbers speak for that.

Who nominated us?

Special thanks to Mango Lady Diaries for nominating me to this amazing award!  Mango Lady Diaries is a travel blog created by Madhurima. She shares her travel experiences, perceptions, thoughts, itineraries and tips to give you the best possible virtual journey in her way and inspire you to travel whenever you can. Ever since she turned 22, she has been travelling regularly, balancing my studies, job and other activities.

Versatile Blogger Award

As part of the rules of nomination, below I am sharing seven random facts about myself.

Seven random facts

  1. My first solo trip was to Germany when I was 16 years old. It was a 3 week youth camp. I barely spoke any German back then, but it was a lot of fun and I met some amazing people from all over the world.
  2.   I love mountains! Even though I live in the area with no mountains at all, I still own a pair of mountain skis and try to hit the local hills as often as possible.
  3. Some day I would like to make a long road trip by motorcycle.
  4. My favorite destination so far has been Madeira (Portugal)
  5. I love hiking. My best hike so far was 16km long at Samaria Gorge (Crete, Greece). Took me around 5 hours, but the nature was stunning!
  6. I own a little Toyota Corolla and planning a road trip through Finland all the way up to North Cape this year.
  7. Even though I had many ideas, writing a blog has been the best dyi business so far.

Nomination rules

The Versatile Blogger Award, an award given to bloggers by bloggers, is a fun way to discover new blogs. These are the basic rules:

  • If nominated, write and publish a post on your blog thanking and linking back to your nominator.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate seven other new bloggers who you think deserve recognition for their work.

Now I will take this opportunity to nominate seven fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award. Here are my nominations for blogs that I really enjoyed reading.

Versatile Blogger Award

My nominees

The Classy Explorer  – a Serbian-Hungarian girl from Belgrade, who loves to blog about her travels, life as a cabin crew member, travel tips. Going forward, The Classy Explorer is aiming at becoming a full time independent travel consultant, advising people where to travel and what they can expect

The Flyaway girl – a blog by Penelope Louise, 21 years of age, who  currently lives in England. She has already visited 47 countries and her current bucket list “to-do” is to visit every country in Europe. Penelope works as a part-time photographer and a part-time traveler.

7 Continents 1 Passport – a blog by Péricles Rosa, a Brazilian-born adventurer, who after visiting 35 countries finally decided to create his own blog. When Péricles travels, he always looks for something special that only a certain destination can provide because every location on earth is different and offers us a unique experience.

Sweet Travel Adventures –  is a travel blog about Canada and other countries around the world which have unique things to see or do. This travel blog hopes to encourage you to get the most out of your travel experiences by getting to know some of the history, food, people, culture, customs, traditions, and language(s) from the different countries you visit.

The Rimsky Project  – a blog by Rimsha, a twenty-something Karachiite. She started The Rimsky Project as an attempt to celebrate the little joys of life, whether it’s travelling to a new city, trying out a different cuisine or discovering someone’s story and finding in it the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Footsteps of a WildKiwi –  blog by Chris Long, a wild kiwi boy who grew up in the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island West Coast. Chris has now travelled to over 50 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America,Australia and his favorite of all, Antarctica and The High Arctic.

Wake Up to the World – a blog by a brother and sister duo that have given up the rat race to embark on an adventure around the world!

Versatile Blogger Award

4 Responses


    Hi Maria, Thank you so much for the nomination, we look forward to sharing our 7 random facts with you!

    A road trip across Finland sounds awesome! Im sure you will love it ?

    Just out of interest how did you come across our blog?

    • Tigrest

      Hi guys! You are welcome and you totally deserve it! I came across your blog at one of the Fb travel blogger groups that I’m following and couldn’t stop reading. You guys are awesome and I admire you so much! Keep up the good work!

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