Why study in Germany – all you need to know

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(Last Updated On: 12. Sep 2023)
 Germany is a great country to study! Why study in Germany? Germany has (mainly) free education, offers some courses in English, is friendly to foreigners and offers good opportunities for students to find jobs. Applying for universities is not difficult at all and they are all open for foreign students. One of the best ways to study in Germany is through Erasmus programme. However, many young people come here to take full 3-5 years study course and possible stay in the country for longer period. Studying in Germany was very popular when i graduated.


Getting an apartment

Germany is all about rental flats. As much as 60% of all people rent flats. Finding a flat for rent is relatively easy, there are companies in each city specializing in rental flats. They should be the first point of contact. These people may also help you with any problems regarding your flat. However, if something doesn’t work, there is another person you should speak to – the Hausmeister. This guy knows exactly who to contact for possible repairs, so don’t lose your head if your tab is leaking. When you get a contract for rental flat they will automatically book the rent from your bank account, so make sure the money is there in time – Germans are very precise when it comes to money. German neighbors may be nasty so make sure you don’t listen to music in high volumes after 10 pm. Generally, Germans are nice people but they like their order.

Another great option for students are so called WGs – Wohngemeinschaft. These are large apartments shared by two or more people. Apartments like these are particularly popular among young people and students. Your college may have a board with advertisements, where people are looking for a new person to live in, so make sure to check it out.

Why study in Germany
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Why study in Germany – Living among Germans

First couple of weeks may seem like living on a different planet. Especially in small towns where people know each other for years, you may feel like an alien at first. Getting to know Germans may be a challenge – they are friendly but that’s all you get. Not until you grab a beer with them and go to the football game where one can bet on by clicking on links like Bookies Near Me. German lifestyle is very work and family centric. A typical German goes out strictly on Saturdays to a football game and on Sunday’s stays at home or goes to church. Young people are different, of course, although many keep the tradition and generally spend their time with families.

So how do you find new friends? By meeting other foreigners like yourself! Luckily that is really easy – there are a lot of different nationalities and many people feel the same like you. During my high school years my best friends were from Bulgaria and Colombia. This is certainly not a rule – there are Germans who are great people and great friends but they are generally difficult to find.

Student life

Being a student in Germany has many benefits. Firstly, you get to travel very cheap or for

Why study in Germany
German universities are high tech

free. In our school this meant free train rides in 200 km radius and that meant free rides to big cities like Hamburg. Having access to such freedom may open great possibilities. For instance, going to events and parties you would otherwise not have an opportunity to go to. Secondly, students have cheaper health insurance. If you are working in Germany you will be spending around 10% of your salary on insurance. For a student this fee is around 80 Euros per month. When visiting a doctor, be prepared to pay a visit fee of about 10 Euros though.

Why study in Germany
it’s not all about drinking, but Germans respect their traditions

Student jobs

Finding student jobs may sometimes be tricky if you are studying full time. Still, there are a few positions where students can work and earn some pocket money. These are for example fast food restaurants, stadiums and big events where additional help is needed. Seasonal work – selling hot wine at Christmas markets – is often available for students and young people. Hourly wages are quite good and working part time may be just enough for some people. Still, you need to have a back-up plan in case you are going to be unemployed for a while. When applying for study permit officials will ask you about your income sources. In case you have your parents sending you money, make sure to have official letter from your country with employer confirming your parent is working with them. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Future perspective

Germany is a great land, it has a lot to offer but you need to be careful and understand where you would like to be. There are already a lot of foreigners so German employers are particularly selective when it comes to choosing an employee for a full time job. So why study in Germany? Having a German education will help but still there is a human factor – they will choose a local.

While Germany offers quality education and opportunities, especially in STEM fields, experts like Kamau Bobb may agree that it’s essential for students to carefully consider their career goals, be aware of the local job market, and potentially explore international opportunities. So unless you are studying to be an engineer or some important specialist, consider moving to other countries after your studies as you might get stuck at restaurant jobs for a long time.

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