Hello and Welcome! My name is Maria and I’m 38 years old. 1My passion for traveling started in 2007, when I joined local tour operator and had a chance to travel the world for work. My first trip was to Egypt, Mediterranean coast. Later that year I had a chance to visit Greece and many other exciting countries. In the course of 5 years I visited most of Mediterranean Coast, as well as Israel, Canary Islands, Madeira and many more.

Even though I am not working in the travel industry anymore, it is still my dearest hobby and I am happy to share my travel stories and experience through this blog.

My second greatest interest is anything related to savings and investments. I try to learn every day something new about different investment strategies, ways to maximize my income and how to save on travels. I’m a member of 50% savings club, meaning I invest each month at least half of my income. This way of life is both challenging as well as incredibly rewarding – I have managed to minimize my spending’s to the absolute minimum in order to stick to my goals.

I see the next decade as hard, but fruitful work in the direction of achieving financial freedom. This, however, doesn’t mean that I stop traveling – on the contrary! I intend to research and blog about various ways to travel cheaper, better and eventually with much more fun! This is partly possible thanks to my friends living in various parts of the World.  I will post travel advice, discounts, trip lotteries and other useful content people might need.

Would you believe if tell you that traveling can actually be cheaper than living a life in an average Western world city?

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Pamukkale, Turkey

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  1. Nathaniel Lee Vargas

    keep up the great work, all the posts are much appreciated!

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