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Fun Things to do in Crete

8 Fun Things to do in Crete, Greece

Greece is such a lovely country, that once you visit it, you fall in love with it forever! Crete is no exception. This amazing, rich in history island is a fantastic combination of food, culture and scenic beaches. It truly has something for everyone – families with kids, young party seekers, hikers and senior folks. Here is our top 8 Fun Things to do in Crete, Greece!

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San Marino day trip from Rimini

San Marino day trip from Rimini, Italy

Rimini in Italy is one of my favorite resorts of all times. The water is warm and clear, sandy beaches are wide and shallow with lots of seashells. You can walk for miles and enjoy the views. Of course, there is also fantastic Italian cuisine and hospitality. Rimini is a great base for many reasons – you can visit Venice, Ravenna, Bologna, Florence and of course – San Marino.

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Most beautiful Hikes around the World

5 Most beautiful Hikes around the World

Spring is around the corner and so is the hiking season. Even though you can easily hike in winter months, if cold is not your thing, flying to warmer locations may be a good plan. The best thing about this kind of holiday – you don’t need much to start! Usually you’ll be good with solid pair of boots and a good backpack. Day hikes are a fantastic way to explore National parks, lakes and forests.

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flight baggage hacks

Best flight baggage hacks for savvy traveler

Traveling with many bags can be a nightmare. Imagine dragging 2 large suitcases, one carry on, a backpack, and other smaller items while trying to figure out where your boarding gate is. As if that wasn’t enough stress, you end up arriving in the destination without your luggage. How to avoid situations like this and actually enjoy your travels? Here are our top flight baggage hacks for savvy travelers!

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playa de las americas tenerife

What makes Playa de las Americas Tenerife best resort

Winter in Europe is depressing, cold and dark time. One of the best ways to escape and recharge your batteries is to fly south. If Caribbean or Southeast Asia are out of your budget, Canary Islands might be just the right option!

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Tallinn Work-friendly cafes

Tallinn Work-friendly cafes for any taste and budget

Sometimes you just want to make a change in scenery. Sometimes, you can’t afford a proper office. And sometimes you don’t want to pay 150 euros/month for a hot desk at an industrial loft full of young hipsters. Sounds familiar?

A nice café is what you need then. No smelly food, people and interior to rest your eyes on after staring at laptop screen for an hour… Should be easy, right? Unfortunately, not all cafés are born equal, when it comes to making one your coffice. Café + office…   Welcome to Tallinn Work-friendly cafes series!

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Mount Teide Tenerife day trip

Mount Teide Tenerife Day Trip on your own

The first thing anybody visiting Tenerife sees is the mountain (volcano) right in the middle of the island. It should come as no surprise that visiting Teide Volcano is considered among the most popular attractions on the island. The last time volcano erupted was back in 1909, but you can actually see the smoke coming out of it once you get closer to the summit.

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Vatican museum tips

Vatican Museum tips and ticket advice when visiting off season

When it comes to Rome’s best known attractions, nothing can beat the famous Vatican City with it’s museums and cathedrals. Musei Vaticano is world known for treasures, so it would be a shame to miss out on visiting and seeing them yourself.

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Top 5 things to do in Tenerife

Tenerife is truly unique island, perfect for a short (or longer) visit at almost any time of the year. Average annual temperature here is around +25C, so winter is particularly great time to visit. Thanks to numerous low cost carriers flying to Canary Islands, coming here won’t blow your budget. In fact, if planned correctly, you can have a pretty inexpensive holiday and lot’s of great memories!

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10 Reasons for visiting Estonia in any season of the year!

Estonia is a tiny country in the Northern Europe, located just 80 km South of Finland. You may guess that the climate here is quite rough in winter months, making it a perfect place to stay indoors in a cosy environment. Most visitors end up seeing just an old town during their Baltics cruise. However, there is just so much more to do and see while visiting Estonia!

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