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3 months of madness working at Berlin hostel

How it started and how did I end up working at Berlin hostel?

The madness started on a boring and cold February morning, when I departed my home town and went on a long bus ride, heading for Berlin from the town of my studies. It was time for internship at the university, my second year living in Germany. I had never been to the capital before, so journey itself was very promising. It was supposed to be one day trip, I was planning on spending just a few hours in the city of my dreams, and my goal was to attend an interview for an intern position at one of Berlin’s youth hostels.

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studying in Germany

The truth about studying in Germany

Germany is a great country to study – it has (mainly) free education, offers some courses in English, is friendly to foreigners and offers good opportunities for students to find jobs. Applying for universities is not difficult at all and they are all open for foreign students. One of the best ways to study in Germany is through Erasmus programme. However, many young people come here to take full 3-5 years study course and possible stay in the country for longer period. Studying in Germany was very popular when i graduated.

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