Best Beaches in Hurghada, Egypt

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Hurghada is a seaside resort located on the coastline of the Red Sea. It is known for its beautiful beaches, colorful marine life, and year-round sunshine. Hurghada is perfect for everyone seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a slice of paradise. … Continued

Best hotels for snorkeling in Hurghada Egypt

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Egypt is a snorkeling paradise. Almost anywhere you dip into the water, you will find at least some wildlife. The climate makes it an ideal destination for the European off-season period (October-April). Moreover, it is also quite a cheap destination … Continued

Hurghada to Luxor day trip

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Luxor day trip from Hurghada has been number one on my list long before our trip. Just the idea of seeing famous Karnak Temple, Valley of Queens and other historical sights made me so excited, I could hardly wait to … Continued

Hurghada quad safari in the desert

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One of the main attractions in Egypt, apart from the Red Sea and pyramids, is the desert. Hurghada is located next to the Arabian Desert. On the last day of our holiday we booked a 3-hour ATV safari in the … Continued

Hurghada snorkeling tour and dolphin house trip

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Hurghada in Egypt is a small town on the Red Sea with many hotels, a great tourism infrastructure and beautiful beaches. While approaching the airport, you can’t miss the beautiful turquoise water color and coral reefs scattered along the coast. … Continued

Best day trips from Hurghada

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Sunny Egypt is a perfect getaway spot during long, dark winter months in Northern Europe. It should come as no surprise that tightly packed charter flights touch down multiple times per day on both Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada runways. … Continued