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flight baggage hacks

Best flight baggage hacks for savvy traveler

Traveling with many bags can be a nightmare. Imagine dragging 2 large suitcases, one carry on, a backpack, and other smaller items while trying to figure out where your boarding gate is. As if that wasn’t enough stress, you end up arriving in the destination without your luggage. How to avoid situations like this and actually enjoy your travels? Here are our top flight baggage hacks for savvy travelers!

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42 Brilliant Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money in 2018

Opportunities are almost endless, when it comes to travel hacks to save money. Sometimes I truly admire experienced travelers who keep discovering new ways to save money when everyone else is paying. In this post, among other tips, you will find out how to make use of free WiFi, how to travel solo like a pro, make the most out of your credit card, some great transportation hacks, finance wisdom and how to stay healthy while you travel.

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safe journey tips

Safe Journey Tips and Tricks – part Two

This is the second part of the Safe Journey Tips series – How to behave in different countries and stay safe. In previous part we looked at safe journey tips in Japan, USA, Italy, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Let’s expand our knowledge and learn about some new destinations and best tips how to be safe there.

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Safe journey tips – how to behave in different countries

Visiting a new country unprepared is among the hardest mistakes any traveler can make. Safe journey begins with proper homework – thorough research about country’s customs, habits and unspoken laws, as well as possible tourist traps. it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. After all – a safe journey is going to be much more pleasant and leave you with some good memories to come back to.

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Best Travel Advice From Russian Long Term Wanderers

Full time wanderers are inspiration for any travel lover. As much as these people travel, sometimes they stop by and give some valuable travel advice for the rest of the world. Practical tips, like things to do and see, things to avoid or how to save on a trip, are always needed. It would be silly not to use their valuable experience.

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best travel tips

Best Travel Tips That Are No Longer Useful

Whenever it’s time to plan another trip, most of us start looking for best travel tips for a given destination. Internet is full of great advice how to plan your perfect holiday. However, you should be cautious about what you read online. Travel articles promising best travel tips are not always correct. It’s important to remember that sometimes things change and every destination is different.

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15 unique luxury hotels for unforgettable holiday

Choosing a good accommodation for the holiday is crucial for a good experience. Luxury hotels are a bit costly, but can offer a better service, location and make a huge difference in the end. If you are looking for something more unique and unusual, this article is for you. We will look at some of the most unique luxury hotels for any budget and taste, so next time you book a holiday you will have a few ideas where to start from.

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tourist traps

Tourist Traps in Europe and how to avoid them

Have you ever felt like you are paying too much to see something worthless. Perhaps you have been invited to a restaurant and didn’t get the service you expected? Or maybe the famous Mona Lisa was not worth all the waiting in line? Welcome to the Worst Tourist Traps in Europe and how to avoid them.

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solo travel

Solo travel advantages

It’s been a while since my last solo travel. To be honest, some time ago I truly thought I would never do that again. But things change, and it’s not always easy to find a buddy to take along on the next adventure. And there is just so much to see out there. Long story short – solo travel is sadly inevitable in many cases. Your friends and family have busy lives of their own and you can’t spend your life waiting around for someone to come along.

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hotel booking websites

Best hotel booking websites for 2017

Being a long time fan of hotel booking websites and particularly Booking.com, I haven’t really bothered checking anywhere else in the past. There is a trip to Nice (France) coming right up, and after changing hotel reservation several times I decided to look elsewhere – just in case. Well, what a surprise – here is what I found:

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