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Paris attractions for first time visitors

Paris is a huge city, full of great museums, galleries, things to do and places to eat. We arrived here from Nice by train and stayed for two nights near Latin quarter. I would certainly recommend this area if this is your first time to explore Paris attractions, as it’s really lively and relatively safe. It’s also very close to the Notre Dame de, which is one of the best Paris attractions and not too far from Louvre. First we chose the Hotel du Commerce, which was one of the cheapest properties in this area.

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Eze Village and Monaco trips from Nice

First day in Nice was really wonderful. However, we decided to explore the area a bit more. This is also partly because we are not much of beach lovers, and Nice itself is mainly a beach holiday destination. Anyway, for the next few days our goal was to visit famous Eze Village with it’s cobblestone streets and lovely galleries, shops and cafes and famous Monaco with it’s luxury properties, supercars and yachts.

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Arriving and First day in Nice France

Our trip to Nice France couldn’t have started any better. After spending a night in Helsinki Airport, waiting long hours and having a sort of picnic on the airport bench, we were finally allowed to board the plane. So far so good, only three more hours and we’ll arrive in summer. Our airplane, however, had different plans. Soon after taking off, I realized we are not really moving anywhere, but rather circling around.

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