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Business class or economy – What is the difference?

business class vs economy

Every time I’m booking my next flight, I always think of why I should or should not book business class. The advantages are certainly clear – better meals, more space, generally nicer experience. But is the extra money worth all the comfort for just a few hours? 

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Cool Airplane Design Features You Haven’t Heard Of!

Have you ever wondered why airplane design is so complicated of why there are certain airplane design features? Modern airplane design is a work of art where every detail has it’s purpose. This article will give you overview of the the coolest airplane design features and why we aircraft’s need them for everyday operation.

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25 Surprising airlines facts and myths

British airways aviation facts and trivia

Aviation Facts and Trivia

Everyone is flying at some point. Okay, maybe not everyone, but most of us. Some have done that numerous times already with various airlines. Do we know everything about the airlines and air travel? Have you ever wondered why we do certain things before, during or after the flight? Even frequent flyers hardly ever ask themselves why certain procedures are in place. Children are sometimes curious, but get something like “It’s supposed to be that way” kind of an answer. Let’s look at some common misconceptions and urban myths along with aviation facts and trivia and try to get to the truth. So here are 25 surprising airlines facts and myths. Not all of them are true.

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