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travel blog tips

Travel blog tips for beginners

Starting a travel blog has never been easier. All you need is a little bit of initial investment, some amazing travel stories and couple of hours per week to manage the whole thing. Unlike before, when creating a website involved some degree of programming skills, blog platforms seem to be doing most work for you. All you really need to do is learn how to manage content, add pictures, respond to comments and share your writing. So let’s look at the process step by step and some travel blog tips to successfully market your content.

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learn coding

Learn coding in simple steps

For someone who has never seen a single line of code it may look like and alien language and to learn programming seems like impossible idea. For a travel writer like myself, to learn coding was essential, as it gave me a lot of freedom in terms of organizing and managing my blog. To be honest, it did scare me at first too. It is, however, an important skill and should be learned by many people. Ideally it should be included in school curriculum so that kids would get comfortable and learn coding from early age.

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