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flight baggage hacks

Best flight baggage hacks for savvy traveler

Traveling with many bags can be a nightmare. Imagine dragging 2 large suitcases, one carry on, a backpack, and other smaller items while trying to figure out where your boarding gate is. As if that wasn’t enough stress, you end up arriving in the destination without your luggage. How to avoid situations like this and actually enjoy your travels? Here are our top flight baggage hacks for savvy travelers!

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42 Brilliant Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money in 2018

Opportunities are almost endless, when it comes to travel hacks to save money. Sometimes I truly admire experienced travelers who keep discovering new ways to save money when everyone else is paying. In this post, among other tips, you will find out how to make use of free WiFi, how to travel solo like a pro, make the most out of your credit card, some great transportation hacks, finance wisdom and how to stay healthy while you travel.

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