Lisbon and Algarve itinerary 4 days

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It’s been long 12 years since I’ve visited Portugal (Madeira island to be exact). Despite having been to dozens of other countries, the thought of once visiting mainland Portugal has never left my mind so at some point in early … Continued

Cyprus 2 days in March itinerary

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As the world sees a decline in Covid19 cases, the travel industry is slowly waking up from the winter sleep it has been in for the last two years. This means more flights, trips, and good offers. Northern Europe is … Continued

Why traveling is overrated

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The Corona crisis has been around for a while now. With borders closed and no chance to travel anywhere, many have discovered the beauty of short-distance travel (funny enough I have actually predicted this in my post back in 2020) … Continued

May Travel News

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Spain Is Reopening to All Vaccinated Tourists Spain has announced that starting from June 7th, all vaccinated tourists with EU-approved vaccines from any country are welcome in Spain. Travelers from 10 low-risk countries are accepted as well. This is a … Continued