Coworking space Tallinn – best cafes with WiFi for digital nomads

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(Last Updated On: 23. Feb 2023)

Coworking space Tallinn

Welcome back! Here is the second part of our trip to best Coworking space Tallinn – spots to do work outside of office or home in the outskirts of Tallinn. This time we will work our way towards Tallinn’s beach – Pirita. Click here, if you missed the first part. As usually, if you know of other great spots to park with a laptop and get productive, leave a comment below!

Coworking space TallinnGourmet coffee (Kadriorg)

Address: L. Koidula 13a

Parking: public parking, 2,5 cents/minute except weekends (free after 3pm Saturday and entire Sunday)

Price of a cappuccino: 2,50 euro

What: Gourmee coffee is a trendy café and restaurant, which also happens to sell a variety of Hugo single serving coffee and teas. It’s also a great coworking space Tallinn!

Location: It’s located next to the wonderful Kadriorg park, which is roughly 20-30 minute walk or 5-minute tram drive from Tallinn centre. There is normally room to park on the street nearby, but it could take some driving around the block, if you are out of luck. Since there is a tram stop 2-minutes away, you might just as well commute though.

Upside: There is a daily coffee and tea for you to try on each day, which adds a little intrigue. The atmosphere is quite cosy too, with a smell of coffee and fresh pastries in the air. They are not exactly cheap, but beat the quality of average grocery store varieties by a mile.

The biggest upside is the Kadriorg park outside though. This is an amazing place to have a walk of reflection and meditation. Alleys, swan ponds, lawns which may have undergone services like a sod installation, palaces… When weather permits, I come to Kadriorg to do two 3-hour blocks. Work for 2 hours, walk for an hour, repeat. Don’t forget to grab a bag of tea or coffee on your way out!

Also, Kumu art museum is just 5 minutes away. It has a nice café of its own, by the way, and almost made this list.

Downside: There aren’t many power plugs and it does tend to get crowded around lunch.

Coworking space TallinnVelvet Pirita

Address: Merivälja tee 5

Parking: free

Price of a cappuccino: 3 euro

What: An upper-class restaurant located on the beach, overlooking Tallinn, with a smooth (velvet?) atmosphere.

Location: It’s about 7 km outside the centre of Tallinn right next to the Pirita beach strip. It’s best to get here by car, but there is also a public bus stop nearby.

Upside: This place has one of the best views of Tallinn, especially, when the sun goes down. And during a sunny day. Or when it’s really windy and there are huge waves. And, of course, when it’s proper winter and the sea is covered with ice and the beach is white. There is also a terrace outside, allowing you two work there, when it’s warm. Mostly soft furniture and Sinatra or Armstrong in the background can really put you into a mellow mood. You can also search for sushi restaurants near me as it has quite diversified food menu,including a good variety of sushi, but it does come with a price tag. Definitely a great place for a dinner or a date. If the weather permits, you can take a walk on the beach between work too.

There is a very similar place, located even further out in the same direction, called Noa. A little more expensive and with a little better view. If you can’t secure a table in Velvet, might make sense to drive a couple more kilometers to take.

Downside: Finding a parking spot in summer is a challenge. The view and the smoothness almost make it difficult to work, as you feel like drifting off into a day-dreaming mode. There are just one or two power plugs. This place is often quite busy and people order food, so I wouldn’t make it a long-time office, rather a place to pop by for 2-3 hours occasionally.

Coworking space Tallinn

Honourable mention: Cantina Carramba

Address: Weizenbergi 20a

Parking: public parking, 2,5 cents/minute except weekends (free after 3pm Saturday and entire Sunday)

Price of a cappuccino: 2 euro

What: A Mexican cantina sitting right next to the beautiful Kadriorg park. There is a tram stop 30 meters from entrance.

Location: Just like Gourmet Coffee, Carramba is great at taking a break from work for a stroll in the park. The parking situation is also similar. Keep in mind that unlike most other cafés on the list they open at noon. So, you can start your morning work block in Gourmet with a cappuccino and a croissant and then continue working in Carramba together with a light lunch.

Upside: There is a great interior, calm light and non-invasive dynamic Latin music playing all day long, which really puts you in the working mood. About half of the space comprises of small booths, so you are kind of in your own little office. Since this is a restaurant there is a table service and you don’t have to move from your desk to get a new beverage.

Last, but not least… the food is amazing!! I’m positive that they make the best chilli con carne and stuffed jalapeños in town. Chilli con carne is served in a bowl with a side bowl of nachos. So (just as I am doing at the time of typing this), you take a nacho, pick up some chilli con carne, deliver into your mouth, wipe you fingers and type on.

Downside: There are two reasons why Carramba doesn’t feature on the main list. There. Is. No. Wi-fi. You can remedy this by popping a hotspot on your phone. BUT there also aren’t too many power plugs, so if you are unlucky and come in with the best spots taken, it’s a matter of time before you either run out of juice or must turn to a different table. Yes, I’m nitpicking.

This is a guest article by Vladimir Jelov, a fellow travel lover. In daily life he is a sales, marketing and IT expert, as well as business writer. He recently grown a beard (literally), resides in Tallinn and is constantly on a look-out for a warm country to call his office. Check out his latest blog Smarketing Works.

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