7 Must-Visit Places When In Dubai

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By Pranitaa Purohit It won’t surprise you to know that Dubai is ranked as one of the top destinations to visit in the world. The city is filled with gems and treasures for locals and tourists that are never-ending. Dubai brings together a unique mixture of desert traditions as well as the comforts and advancements of the modern world. We have previously written about two days, three-day itineraries as well as one week in Dubai. If you and your family are looking for the 7 must-visit places when in Dubai, check out our list of the best attractions. 7 Must-Visit Places When In Dubai dubai miracle garden

Miracle Garden

Coming in at number 2, the Miracle Garden is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest flower wall in existence. Imagine yourself being in the desert but also inside this miracle oasis of heavenly flowers and aromas. You’ll be walking around a garden that is known to have the world’s largest collection of natural flowers all in one place! The flowers are arranged in different shapes and patterns like hearts, stars, igloos, pyramids, and many other structures. Some of the designs are actually rearranged depending on certain seasons and occasions. So if you happen to visit on another trip you get to have a new experience and see brand new flower collections. A dubai travel agency can ensure that everything is taken care of and that you don’t have to worry about anything.

7 Must-Visit Places When In Dubai Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel

Have you heard of the captivating myth of the lost kingdom of Atlantis? The Atlantis Hotel, built on the revolutionary island of The Palm, encompasses many elements and themes from that myth. You and your family are in for a treat when you visit or stay at this hotel. Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure Water Park, Ambassador Lagoon, and The Lost Chambers are all located on this magical island. You can swim with the dolphins in Dolphin Bay or visit the water park for an out of this world thrilling adventure. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in UAE. It’s home to tens of thousands of marine creatures so you can witness them in their own environment and as they interact with one another. There’s so much for you to do when you visit the Atlantis Hotel! 7 Must-Visit Places When In Dubai Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai isn’t called the city of gold by accident. Located on the northern bank of Dubai Creek, the Dubai Gold Souk is the largest gold bazaar in the world. Tourists love to walk around, ask sellers how much is a gold bar worth, and browse the many different designs that are on display. It’s estimated that about 20% of all the world’s gold passes through here!

One Week in Dubai Itinerary

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is absolutely one of the wonders that decorate the city. You can’t miss it is a structure designed to look like a picture frame and it sits at a gigantic 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. This attraction is a major contender among the many architectural gems located in Dubai. The beauty of the Dubai Frame is that it showcases the old and new Dubai from a single frame. It was built to give its visitors all those incredible sights from that one point of view. On the ground floor is a museum that allows you to see how Dubai has transformed over the years with its rich history and culture. Take a walk on the intricate glass walkway and observe the breathtaking panoramic views. Make your way to the Sky Deck and see Dubai in a light you have never seen it before. The Dubai Frame also offers a café to relax and have a drink while enjoying the scenery. Dubai Frame visit can be easily combined with Global Village visit – here is our proposed itinerary. dubai mall

Malls of Dubai

Some of the world’s largest and most famous malls are known for being located in Dubai. The Dubai Mall is the world’s most visited shopping mall and leisure destination. It is also infamous for being the largest shopping mall in existence today based on the sheer size and area of the building structures. You can spend days exploring this mall but some activities including ice skating, shopping luxury brands, and enjoying the fountains and light shows on the display. Mall of the Emirates is also filled with a plethora of options for you and your family. The artificial ski park is an amazing winter wonderland for you to enjoy. There’s something for everyone from shopping, entertainment, Vox Cinemas, and Magic Planet for the kids.

7 Must-Visit Places When In Dubai Dubai Beaches

Beaches of Dubai

One of the perks of visiting Dubai is that you’ll get the best of both worlds. You can have a desert experience along with a day at some of the best beaches around! Jumeirah Beach Park is centrally located and therefore a very popular destination. Enjoy the stretches of golden sand and grassy areas for you and your loved ones to be able to relax and find a spot. Go skydiving so you can get a full birds-eye view of the spectacular man-made islands. Kite Beach is the place to visit if you are an avid kite surfer or want to try it out for the first time. Relax by the beach or try out other watersports to complete the day. A full list of the best free beaches can be found here. Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari

A desert safari is one of the must-visit places when in Dubai. It’s an adventure that can’t be missed. Depending on where you’re staying and which company you opt to go with, they’ll pick you up in a 4×4 and take you into the beautiful surrounding desert. The thrilling adventure starts off with an exciting segment of dune bashing on the sand dunes. You can choose from a morning or afternoon/evening safari depending on your schedule. They design the perfect journey to suit your needs. At sunset, you’ll arrive at the campsite with traditional tents and carpets set up for you to relax around the fire. A BBQ buffet and traditional performances will keep you entertained through the night.

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