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lahemaa national park winter

Lahemaa National Park Viru Bog Trail in Winter

Winter in Estonia is a usually dark and cold time. Sun is rarely out and people tend to stay indoors. But not everyone! Getting out of town in winter can be a wonderful experience. Getting to know your neighborhood is important in any time of the year. Luckily, there are few national parks to explore. The biggest one of them – Lahemaa National Park, is just about 40 minutes drive from Tallinn and is easily done as a half day trip.

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tourist traps

Tourist Traps in Europe and how to avoid them

Have you ever felt like you are paying too much to see something worthless. Perhaps you have been invited to a restaurant and didn’t get the service you expected? Or maybe the famous Mona Lisa was not worth all the waiting in line? Welcome to the Worst Tourist Traps in Europe and how to avoid them.

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Winter Holidays recommended by travel bloggers

It’s Winter holidays time, and many of us are wondering where to head next. If you are unfortunate enough to live in the North (like myself), seeking out some sunshine is crucial at this time of the year. It could be anything from a short break away from the city to a 16-hour flight to South-East Asia. As long as you get to recharge your batteries and bring up your D vitamin level.

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winter activities in rovaniemi

Lapland Holidays in Rovaniemi, Finland in Winter

Where does Santa live? Correct, in Rovaniemi winter wonderland, in Finland! So that’s where we are your next Lapland holidays will be! These were my thoughts while packing for the next adventure. We didn’t have much time on our hands, just 3 wonderful nights in this remote, but such an attractive destination for Lapland holidays. To tell you the truth, my wallet wouldn’t allow me to stay any longer, anyway.

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Versatile Blogger Award nomination

Tigrest Travel Blog is honored to be nominated to Versatile Blogger Award! Past year has been a roller coaster of events and travels! We are happy to see our Facebook page cross 1000 followers mark. Our Pinterest traffic has skyrocketed in the past month, bringing us close to 2500 new visitors this month! It all means we are doing something right. People are reading our posts and numbers speak for that.

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Flight attendant interview with Classy Explorer

Looking over my past posts, I realized that airline related articles (airline secrets) are among the most popular ones so far. In order to add some fresh content and mix it up, I asked my fellow blogger and friend – Mirela, The Classy Explorer – to answer a few questions related to her career as flight attendant. Here is the full Interview with flight attendant Classy Exlorer.

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Working out while traveling

Staying in shape, working out while traveling and eating healthy is crucial. Considering all the tasty food we have to try, long hours on the trains and buses, sitting for hours in front of your PC, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of all the calories and inevitably you start to gain in weight. Joining workout classes can be stressful, because if you are constantly on the go, you will have difficult time getting used to a routine.

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Cairo Egypt and Siwa Oasis trip

This is a second part of the amazing Egypt trip. My trip to Alexandria Egypt was back in 2008. In the second half of the trip we went to Cairo Egypt, as well as Siwa Oasis. The impressions are unforgettable!  Everybody should see the desert at night – so many stars! The Giza Pyramids are a true wonder of engineering and a must see, too. The best thing is it only takes 3 hours to drive from Alexandria to Cairo Egypt (compared to 6 hours from Red Sea resorts Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada).

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Alexandria Egypt and Mediterranean coast

My trip to Alexandria Egypt was back in 2008. Lately, when I was looking through the travel notes, I lost myself in reading about that great trip and decided to publish it on my blog. What makes it so special are the honest impressions of a first time traveler – it really was my first real solo trip. In fact it was a business trip – I was working in a travel agency at the time and was sent over to learn about the destination. Alexandria Egypt and Mediterranean coast made a huge impression on me and infected me with a travel bug for many more journeys ahead.

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Tigrest travel year 2016 in review

Wow, it’s already Christmas time, soon the fantastic year of  2016 will be over. Time to look back, analyze what the year has brought and all the great things that happened to me. It was not an easy year in terms of work/travel balance. Nevertheless, I managed to travel quite a lot – more than I usually do. All those wonderful memories found their way to my wonderful new blog – Tigrest travel blog.

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