The Complete 2 Days In Vienna Itinerary

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How to get to Vienna City Centre from Vienna Airport

If you’ve just touched down in Vienna, get ready for an amazing adventure in this enchanting city. In this 2 Days In Vienna Itinerary, we will show you how to make the most out of this short time in this beautiful city. First things first, hop on the City Airport Train (CAT) for a smooth and fast journey from Vienna International Airport to the heart of the city. Located only 18 kilometers (11 miles) from the city center, the Vienna airport serves as the primary gateway for travelers arriving in and departing from Vienna. Within minutes, you’ll find yourself immersed in Vienna’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and charm. The ticket price for the airport express train is 24.90€ one way.

2 Days In Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna

Nestled amid Vienna’s vibrant city center, Boutique Hotel Nossek offers discerning travelers a stylish and intimate retreat in the heart of the action. Alternatively, Hotel Wandl provides the perfect base for exploring Vienna’s cultural landmarks, shopping districts, and culinary hotspots.

For a more intimate and authentic Viennese experience, consider staying at Select Hotel Prinz Eugen tucked away in one of the city’s historic districts. Settle into charming guestrooms adorned with period furnishings and antique accents, and wake up to a homemade breakfast featuring local specialties and fresh-brewed coffee at Hotel Johann Strauss. With their warm hospitality and personalized touches, these family-run establishments offer a welcoming home away from home in the heart of Vienna.

2 Days In Vienna

Is 2 Days Enough To Visit Vienna

Whether it’s “enough” depends on your personal preferences and interests. With efficient planning and prioritization, you can certainly make the most of your time and enjoy many of Vienna’s highlights. We were able to see everything we planned in this short time frame, such as Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the Hofburg Palace. In between visiting palaces, you can also enjoy walking through Vienna’s historic center, indulge in Viennese cuisine at local restaurants, and experience the city’s vibrant cultural scene, which may include attending a classical music concert or visiting a museum. If you have specific interests or wish to delve deeper into Vienna’s cultural offerings, you may find that more time (at least one week in Vienna) allows for a more leisurely exploration and a richer experience.

How to Get Around During Your 2 Days in Vienna

Navigating Vienna’s extensive public transportation network is fairly easy, thanks to its efficient and reliable tram, bus, and subway systems. Purchase a Vienna Card or a travel pass for unlimited access to public transport, and explore the city with ease while enjoying stunning views of Vienna’s landmarks and neighborhoods along the way. During our latest stay, we used both subway and trams.

With its compact size and pedestrian-friendly layout, Vienna is best explored on foot, allowing you to meander through charming cobblestone streets, verdant parks, and picturesque squares at your own pace. Follow self-guided walking tours or join a guided walking tour to discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path attractions while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of Vienna’s streets. Many of Vienna’s attractions can be visited for free!

2 Days In Vienna

Day 1: Exploring Historic Landmarks

Start your first-day itinerary with a steaming cup of Wiener Melange, a heavenly blend of espresso and frothy milk, accompanied by a buttery croissant or a flaky kipferl, a crescent-shaped pastry beloved by locals. Whether you opt for a cozy café in the city center or a traditional konditorei tucked away in a historic district, you’ll savor the rich flavors and warm hospitality that define Viennese cuisine.

After fueling up with breakfast, make your way to Schönbrunn Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks and history museum. Step into the opulent world of the Habsburg monarchy as you explore the palace’s lavishly decorated chambers, immaculately manicured gardens, and charming Gloriette pavilion overlooking the city.

2 Days In Vienna

After a morning of regal splendor, wander through Vienna’s historic center, a UNESCO-listed district brimming with architectural gems and cultural treasures. Begin your exploration in the heart of the historic center at Stephansplatz, the bustling square dominated by the iconic St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Don’t miss the Graben and Kärntner Strasse, Vienna’s premier shopping boulevards, where elegant boutiques and upscale retailers beckon with the latest fashions and luxury goods.  From the lively Karlsplatz to the picturesque Freyung, each square offers a unique glimpse into Vienna’s cultural heritage, with street performers, outdoor cafés, and lively market stalls adding to the festive ambiance. Step inside the hallowed halls of the Spanish Riding School and prepare to be transported back in time to an era of grace, elegance, and unparalleled skill.

No visit to Vienna is complete without a visit to the Hofburg Palace, the former imperial residence of the Habsburgs and the epicenter of Austrian power for centuries. Nestled in the heart of Vienna, the Hofburg Palace stands as a testament to the grandeur and splendor of Austria’s imperial past. This magnificent complex has been the seat of power for the Habsburg dynasty for centuries, serving as the residence of emperors, kings, and queens, and witnessing some of the most pivotal moments in European history.

As the sun sets over Vienna, treat yourself to a tasty dinner at a traditional Austrian restaurant, where you’ll sample an array of regional specialties bursting with flavor and authenticity. From hearty goulash and tender schnitzel to creamy strudel and velvety sachertorte, every bite is a celebration of Austria’s culinary heritage.

2 Days In Vienna
Vienna Opera House


Immerse yourself in Vienna’s rich musical legacy with an evening of classical music or opera at one of the city’s legendary concert halls or opera houses. Lose yourself in the sublime melodies of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss as you experience the magic of Vienna’s renowned music scene firsthand. Many venues are offering classic music concerts in Vienna taking place almost every day.

Day 2: Embracing Viennese Culture and art history

Kick off your second day in Vienna with a visit to the Belvedere Palace and Museum (purchase admission tickets either at the entrance or online), a masterpiece of baroque architecture set amidst lush gardens and scenic vistas. Explore the palace’s exquisite interiors, home to an unparalleled collection of Austrian art, including Gustav Klimt’s iconic masterpiece, “The Kiss.” Continue your cultural odyssey with a visit to the Kunsthistorisches Museum, one of the world’s foremost art museums, housed in a magnificent neoclassical building on Vienna’s famed Ringstrasse. Lose yourself in the museum’s vast collection of masterpieces, spanning ancient Egyptian artifacts, Renaissance treasures, and works by Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Raphael.

If you are more into natural sciences, consider visiting the Naturhistorisches Museum (museum of natural sciences) located just across from the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

2 Days In Vienna
Museum of Natural Science in Vienna

Experience the Naschmarkt

After immersing yourself in art and history, head to the bustling Naschmarkt, Vienna’s oldest and most beloved market, where you’ll discover a cornucopia of culinary delights from around the world. Browse stalls brimming with fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, aromatic spices, and exotic delicacies, and indulge your senses in this vibrant gastronomic paradise.

Take a leisurely break from sightseeing and retreat to one of Vienna’s legendary coffeehouses, where time seems to stand still amid the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the gentle hum of conversation. Savor a decadent slice of sachertorte or apple strudel as you soak up the timeless ambiance of these cultural institutions, which have been gathering places for intellectuals, artists, and writers for centuries.

2 Days In Vienna

The Hundertwasserhaus: A quirky architectural marvel

Discover the whimsical world of Friedensreich Hundertwasser at the Hundertwasserhaus, a colorful and unconventional apartment complex designed by the visionary Austrian artist and architect. Admire the building’s playful façade adorned with vibrant mosaics, irregular shapes, and lush vegetation, and wander through the quirky interior spaces, which showcase Hundertwasser’s unique design philosophy and commitment to environmental sustainability.

2 Days In Vienna

The Vienna Prater: Experience the city’s oldest amusement park

Step back in time at the Vienna Prater, a historic amusement park dating back to the 18th century, where timeless attractions, nostalgic rides, and family-friendly fun await visitors of all ages. Take a spin on the iconic Giant Ferris Wheel for panoramic views of the city (you can purchase tickets either on-site or online for added convenience), brave the thrilling roller coasters and carnival games, and savor classic treats such as cotton candy, popcorn, and roasted chestnuts as you stroll through this beloved Viennese landmark.

2 days in Vienna

What and Where to Eat in Vienna

Wiener Schnitzel: A classic Austrian dish

No visit to Vienna would be complete without savoring a traditional Wiener Schnitzel, a crispy breaded cutlet of tender veal or pork, fried to golden perfection and served with a squeeze of lemon. Pair this iconic Viennese dish with a side of potato salad or lingonberry jam for a hearty and satisfying meal that epitomizes the flavors of Austria.

Sachertorte – Vienna’s famous chocolate cake

Indulge your sweet tooth with a slice of Sachertorte, Vienna’s most famous dessert and a beloved symbol of Austrian culinary heritage. Created in 1832 by Franz Sacher, this decadent chocolate cake features layers of rich sponge cake, apricot jam, and smooth chocolate icing, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth confection that is as delicious as it is iconic.

Apfelstrudel – traditional Viennese pastry

Sample a slice of Apfelstrudel, a classic Viennese pastry dating back to the imperial era, and experience the irresistible blend of tart apples, sweet raisins, and fragrant spices wrapped in delicate layers of flaky pastry. Served warm with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this comforting dessert is a quintessential taste of Austria’s culinary heritage.

Safety Tips and Advice – Staying aware of pickpockets in tourist areas

While Vienna is generally considered a safe and welcoming city for travelers, it’s important to remain vigilant, especially in crowded tourist areas and public transportation hubs, where pickpockets may operate. Keep your belongings secure avoid displaying valuables such as smartphones, cameras, and wallets in plain sight, and be cautious of distractions or suspicious behavior that may signal an attempted theft. By staying alert and taking common-sense precautions, you can minimize the risk of becoming a victim of petty crime while exploring Vienna’s attractions and landmarks.

2 days in Vienna2 days in Vienna 2 days in Vienna 2 days in Vienna

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