Bachelor degree in Germany in English – Tourism studies in Bremerhaven

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Bachelor degree in Germany in English - Bremerhaven

During my latest trip to Osnabrück and Bremerhaven, I met students from the University that I went to almost 15 years ago – Hochschule Bremerhaven. Back in the days, Bachelor degree in Germany in English that I studied was called CIM, or Cruise Industry Management. It has been only the second year since its launch and a lot of things were still in test mode. Today, it has evolved and changed its name to CTM, or Cruise Tourism Management. I was happy to discover that, it’s still alive and provides great value to young students eager to discover the world and study tourism.

I asked one of the students and soon-to-be graduate, Lisa Wiethe, to answer a few questions for my blog. We met with Lisa on a Study Abroad fair in Tallinn back in March, where she was presenting the University to local youth. I sincerely hope that this interview will help future school graduates decide for this amazing Bachelor programme in Germany. From my own experience, I can tell it was an unforgettable experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Bachelor degree in Germany in English - Bremerhaven

Cruise Tourism Management – What is this?

Cruise Tourism Management (CTM) is a business and management study course with focus on tourism and cruises. We gain insights into general business administration, finance, human resources management, project and event management and more. Plus, we have classes about tourism and cruises, this includes destination management, itinerary planning and lots of case studies.

Why is CTM the best Bachelor degree in Germany in English?

CTM belongs to faculty 2 of the university which is the one with more practical work and less theory. We work on many projects and are able to get to know the industry as we work with companies. This prepares us very well for future jobs.

Also, it’s worth mentioning, that education is Germany is basically for free. You need to pay only for University admin fees (around 300€/semester), which allows you to travel by train all across Niedersachsen + Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover.

Bachelor degree in Germany in English - Bremerhaven

Why Bremerhaven? What makes this town especially good for these studies?

Bremerhaven is a nice small town, half an hour from Bremen. It’s right by the North Sea and well connected to Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover. Especially in the summer people love to relax and enjoy the sun on the dyke. There are many great museums and nice restaurants and bars. The university is rather small, so most students know each other and we also have good relationships with the professors. The student council organizes many fantastic events that everyone enjoys very much. Bremerhaven has a cruise terminal where many cruise ships stop – this makes it the perfect place for cruise tourism studies!

What are the requirements to apply? Do I need to know German?

You need a general university entrance qualification as well as language certificates. For English this is the C1 certificate and for German it’s level B2. Our international office will be happy to help with any questions regarding the language tests. It’s also possible to do the C1 English test when already studying, it just has to be handed in until the end of the first semester.

Bachelor degree in Germany in English - Bremerhaven

How does a typical study day in HS Bremerhaven look like?

On a typical day we have a good mixture of lectures and group work. At lunch time we often meet at the cafeteria, which offers a good range of different meals and snacks. In the summer we sometimes move lectures or group work outside as studying is way more fun in the sun. During exam period, we often study in the well equipped library or in one of the other self-study places. 

Is it difficult to study CTM? What are the most difficult lectures?

If one is interested in cruises and tourism and able to understand and speak English, CTM is definitely worth a try! As long as you are excited about the field of study and willing to work on hands-on projects in groups, the professors will do their best so you can successfully finish the studies. For me personally, the finance classes were the hardest, but there are even supporting classes offered by fellow students which help you prepare for the exams.

Do you also have projects, or is it all lectures?

While we obviously have some lectures, projects take the most time at CTM. We plan our own cruises, develop new product ideas and help companies with their own projects.

Bachelor degree in Germany in English

Internship – How is it organized? Where can I do it? How will I find the place?

Both the 5th and 6th semester is spent abroad. We can either do two internships or 1 study semester and one internship. The university has many partner universities in many different countries and we can also go as a “free-mover”, meaning to choose a non-partner university. So it is really up to you where you go. The same applies to internships. There are many reports and suggestions of former students and we also have the “homecoming” event where students who have just returned from their stays abroad inform the others about their experiences. The international office is a great help in the whole process – so when in doubt, just go and ask them.

What are my work perspectives after graduation?

Work perspectives are really good. When talking to former students, they mostly say that they found a job quite quickly. Many decide to do masters studies afterwards, which is always a good idea to deepen their knowledge or learn something in a new field. Today, former CTM students work for almost all cruise lines, but also in completely different sectors in Germany and abroad.

Is it fun to live and study in Bremerhaven?

It definitely is! There’s a lot to explore and events organized by the university are fun, too. In summer, it’s amazing to relax at the dyke, go to the “Seestadtfest” or one of the other fairs. Bremerhaven also has a successful ice hockey team as well as a basketball team and it’s always great to got watch one of the matches!

Bachelor degree in Germany in English - Bremerhaven

Is it possible to find student job if I’m a foreigner?

There are many cafes who offer student jobs and you could apply for a job at the Harbour. 

Where can I live? Should I rent a flat or is there a student campus provided?

It’s possible to live in a flat, but the Uni also provides student housing. 

Prices in Bremerhaven are rather low compared to other cities in Germany. WG-Gesucht is a website where you can find shared flats.

If I’m interested, what should I do next? How to apply

You can apply on the website.The deadline is July 15th every year. The  registration and examination department can answer all questions regarding the application process. 



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