Hurghada quad safari in the desert

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Hurghada quad safari

One of the main attractions in Egypt, apart from the Red Sea and pyramids, is the desert. Hurghada is located next to the Arabian Desert. On the last day of our holiday we booked a 3-hour ATV safari in the desert. In the end of March the weather is pleasant for this kind of activity. The only thing to watch out for is the wind, which can be strong in the desert.

Where to book Hurghada quad safari?

We booked our Hurghada quad safari with a local travel agency (just like we did with snorkeling boat ride) over their website, by contacting the manager over Viber messaging app. He was quick to respond and immediately confirmed our trip. The next day, we were picked by transfer bus and brought to the quad base. Our tour price was 25$ for the two of us – both on the same ATV.

The best thing about booking over this agency was the fact that we were the only ones on that safari and therefore had a private tour – only us and the guide. Also, we didn’t regret staying on the same quad, as we could talk to each other the whole way.

Hurghada quad safari

Types of Hurghada quad safaris

When it comes to quad safaris in Hurghada, there are usually two options. The short one, 3 hour quad ride to the Bedouin village, tea/shisha, and then ride back. It can be morning or sunset ride. The long one is around 5 hours and includes quad ride, buggy car ride, Bedouin village, tea/shisha, dinner with folk dance and ride back. The price for this kind of tour starts from 20$.

If all you really want is to try riding a quad in the desert, short option is more than enough. In fact, we were pretty exhausted from the short ride already – riding a quad is not so easy. Not trying to scare you off, though – it’s also a lot of fun, too!

Hurghada quad safari

How does a typical safari look like

After the transfer picks you up, you will be driven to the quad base, where you will meet your guide, get instructions on how to ride an ATV. You should definitely bring a scarf and goggles/sunglasses, the crew will help you fix them tight so they will protect you from the dust and sand.

The ride to the Bedouin village takes approx. 40 minutes. Once you arrive, you have a chance to ride a camel or horse (included in the safari price, tips are optional). You will be offered hot tea and shisha if you like. Also, there is a possibility to climb the mountain for great views and good photos. After a short stop, you will head back to the quad base.

Hurghada quad safari

Things to keep in mind

Desert can be unpredictable, so don’t go on a safari in your best clothes. On the way back, we faced a small sand storm and it was both painful and scary. Also, it can be colder in the desert compared to the beach, so dress appropriately. Quad bikes are usually very safe, but only if you drive them reasonably. Speeding too fast and making sudden turns can easily cause your bike to overturn. Also, it is much safer to drive alone, rather than with a passenger.

Last but not least, be extra careful when choosing which company to go with, as they might not be responsible if something happens to you. Better pay more and be on a safe side. Luckily for us, nothing bad happened, but I wouldn’t book with them again – seemed like garage dudes making some extra money.

Hurghada quad safari

Is it worth going?

If you are in Hurghada, done with all the sightseeing and sick of (is it even possible?) the underwater life, desert safari is a great way to spend a few hours. I would leave it for the last day, as your clothes will be impossible to wear after that. Also, it’s a must for adrenaline junkies.

On the other hand, it’s not a typical UAE style safari on huge dunes. All you will see is endless desert, bunch of stones and very little life. Driving a quad for 25km is no joke either – you will get sore, the road is bumpy and a quad is hard to ride, even if you are fit. I wouldn’t say this safari is a must, but it’s nice for a change.

Have you ever tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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