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Pompeii day trip from Rome Italy

Pompeii day trip from Rome Italy #pompeii #pompeii from rome #italy #pompeii day trip #pompeii from naples

pompeii day trip

Visiting Rome is always an adventure of it’s own – there is really no shortage of things to do and see there. However, if you are planning to stay a bit longer, Pompeii day trip from Rome may be a great way to explore the area around this awesome ancient city.

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Best Rome attractions if you only have few hours

How to spend afternoon in Rome Italy #rome #italy #one day in rome #rome attractions

Spending only few hours in Rome Italy is hardly enough to see the best Rome attractions. However, if you only have this much time, there is still a way to make the most out of Rome points of interest. If nothing else, consider visiting the famous Vatican museum. Welcome to the best walking itinerary for a quick run through best eternal city.

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One week Italy itinerary for beginners

Welcome to my Italy series! As our trip is coming closer each day, I decided to share some tips and advice how to plan a perfect Italy itinerary for your one week visit. Don’t get me wrong – Italy is so amazing, you could spend years exploring it. There is no best way to see Italy in a week, it just wouldn’t cover even most basic attractions! However, if you plan your time wisely, you could still get the most out of a one week Italy itinerary. This is how we are going to do this.

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