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San Marino day trip from Rimini

San Marino day trip from Rimini, Italy

Rimini in Italy is one of my favorite resorts of all times. The water is warm and clear, sandy beaches are wide and shallow with lots of seashells. You can walk for miles and enjoy the views. Of course, there is also fantastic Italian cuisine and hospitality. Rimini is a great base for many reasons – you can visit Venice, Ravenna, Bologna, Florence and of course – San Marino.

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How to spend half day in Milan Italy

Last city on our awesome Italy itinerary after Florence was magnificent Milan Italy – capital of fashion! Our hotel was conveniently located right next to train station. After a long sleep and packing all our bags for return flight, we still had few hours to explore a bit of Milan. So here it is – quick guide to Milan’s best attractions and things to do in Milan in one day.

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Cinque Terre day trip from Florence

Visiting Cinque Terre was high on my list, because I heard so much about this place. As much as I loved spending time in Florence, getting out of town and exploring the seaside was just too irresistible. Turned out, Cinque Terre day trip from Florence is totally doable and easy day trip with awesome public transport opportunities and the experience was just unforgettable!

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How to spend a great day in Florence Italy

It was time to say goodbye to Rome. Fast and comfortable Trenitalia train took us to Florence. The journey took us almost 4 hours to reach the city of our dreams, but it was a pleasant one. Time to start exploring Florence Italy highlights and places to visit!

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Pompeii Italy day trip from Rome

Visiting Rome is always an adventure of it’s own – there is really no shortage of things to do and see there. However, if you are planning to stay a bit longer, Pompeii day trip from Rome may be a great way to explore the area around this awesome ancient city.

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Best Rome attractions if you only have few hours

Spending only few hours in Rome Italy is hardly enough to see the best Rome attractions. However, if you only have this much time, there is still a way to make the most out of Rome points of interest. If nothing else, consider visiting the famous Vatican museum. Welcome to the best walking itinerary for a quick run through best eternal city.

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One week Italy itinerary for beginners

Welcome to my Italy series! As our trip is coming closer each day, I decided to share some tips and advice how to plan a perfect Italy itinerary for your one week visit. Don’t get me wrong – Italy is so amazing, you could spend years exploring it. There is no best way to see Italy in a week, it just wouldn’t cover even most basic attractions! However, if you plan your time wisely, you could still get the most out of a one week Italy itinerary. This is how we are going to do this.

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