• Cairo Egypt and Siwa Oasis trip Cairo Egypt pyramidsThis is a second part of the amazing Egypt trip. My trip to Alexandria Egypt was back in 2008. In the second half of the trip we went to Cairo Egypt, as well as Siwa Oasis. The impressions are unforgettable!  Everybody should see the desert at night - so many stars! The Giza Pyramids are a true wonder of engineering and a must see, too. The best thing is it only takes 3 hours to drive from Alexandria to Cairo Egypt (compared to 6 hours from Red Sea resorts Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada). Read more
  • Alexandria Egypt and Mediterranean coast Alexandria EgyptMy trip to Alexandria Egypt was back in 2008. Lately, when I was looking through the travel notes, I lost myself in reading about that great trip and decided to publish it on my blog. What makes it so special are the honest impressions of a first time traveler - it really was my first real solo trip. In fact it was a business trip - I was working in a travel agency at the time and was sent over to learn about the destination. Alexandria Egypt and Mediterranean coast made a huge impression on me and infected me with a travel bug for many more journeys ahead. Read more
  • Why is El Alamein in Egypt a place worth a visit? el alamein
    El Alamein is a town in Egypt, located on Mediterranean Sea. Closest city is Alexandria - 106 km and Cairo - 240km. We arrived in the night and it was completely dark. I was wondering how on earth the pilots find the landing strip – there were almost no lights. The desert has its rules and when it is dark – it is totally dark. Entering the country is easy and fast – El Alamein International airport is really small.