• Tallinn Work-friendly cafes for any taste and budget Tallinn Work-friendly cafesSometimes you just want to make a change in scenery. Sometimes, you can’t afford a proper office. And sometimes you don’t want to pay 150 euros/month for a hot desk at an industrial loft full of young hipsters. Sounds familiar? A nice café is what you need then. No smelly food, people and interior to rest your eyes on after staring at laptop screen for an hour... Should be easy, right? Unfortunately, not all cafés are born equal, when it comes to making one your coffice. Café + office…   Welcome to Tallinn Work-friendly cafes series! Read more
  • 10 Reasons for visiting Estonia in any season of the year! Estonia is a tiny country in the Northern Europe, located just 80 km South of Finland. You may guess that the climate here is quite rough in winter months, making it a perfect place to stay indoors in a cosy environment. Most visitors end up seeing just an old town during their Baltics cruise. However, there is just so much more to do and see while visiting Estonia! Read more
  • Guide to rebooting your body and mind this Autumn in Pärnu

    Birds fly South and so should you!

    Late Autumn tends to be quite miserable in Norther Europe and it’s the thoughts of inevitable X-mas festivities that barely brighten the mood. Either those or a prospect of taking a sunny holiday in December. Planning for a quick last-minute get-away can be tough, even if you have a budget. You need to go through hotel websites, figure out logistics, decide on what the hell you are going to do, once you get to your destination and so on. You can get so stressed by the whole planning aspect that you end up just giving up and staying home on your sofa. Read more
  • Lake Pühajärv hiking trail in Estonia Lake Pühajärv hiking trailEstonia is more than just Tallinn. As much as our glorious capital has to offer, you will miss a lot if you don't drive outside of the city. Estonian forests, lakes, meadows and seaside are well worth exploring. Luckily, we have so many awesome hiking trails - from easy, one hour walks to serious all day hiking routes with overnight possibilities. Read more
  • Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip Summer in Estonia is not complete without a proper road trip to one of it's many islands! As much as I love Saaremaa - the largest island - Hiiumaa has always been my favorite. It has a special atmosphere and unique culture. Once you get off the ferry and let all the fast drivers pass by, you almost have the road to yourself. Everything is so near, you can make a round in just one day while enjoying it's best spots. I have gathered my favorite Hiiumaa points of interest. Read more
  • Exploring Eastern Estonia – Ontika, Toila, Vaivara Blue Hills and Lake Peipus Summer time is just so great for short road trips. When it comes to picking our next spot, we always look for good variety of sightseeing's. Eastern Estonia is great because it's still very near to the capital, but has a lot to offer. On our last trip to Eastern Estonia we explored some of it's gems, so this time we decided to pick some more places. Read more
  • Lahemaa National Park Viru Bog Trail in Winter lahemaa national park winterWinter in Estonia is a usually dark and cold time. Sun is rarely out and people tend to stay indoors. But not everyone! Getting out of town in winter can be a wonderful experience. Getting to know your neighborhood is important in any time of the year. Luckily, there are few national parks to explore. The biggest one of them - Lahemaa National Park, is just about 40 minutes drive from Tallinn and is easily done as a half day trip. Read more
  • Tallinn Helsinki Ferry – complete guide and prices ferry tallinn helsinkiThe two capitals (Tallinn Helsinki) are located fairly close to one another and are easily reached by ferry service. It's an easy day trip - you can take the first ferry Tallinn Helsinki and return with the last one from Helsinki, leaving you enough time in the Finnish capital. Alternatively, travelers from Helsinki take the way down and spend the day in Estonian capital. As Finland has much better flight connections, many Estonian holiday crawlers get a one-way ticket to catch a plane from Vantaa Airport. Either way, you will hardly find a local, who hasn't done the Tallinn Helsinki trip yet. But what if you are not a local. How do you book a ticket, where are the terminals, how does the boat look like etc? Let me explain it all for you. Read more
  • Eastern Estonia and lake Peipus trip Summer is a great time to go out of town. Estonia is no different - except that our towns are small and green anyway. But there is still so much to explore! On a hot July Saturday morning we packed our bags and headed off to the East - with no big plans. Our route was going to look like this: Tuhamagi (famous adventure center in Kiviõli), Narva fortress, lake Peipus (Peipsi). Here is how it looked on the map: Read more
  • Let’s go to Saaremaa!

    It was a rainy morning, when we finally reached Virtsu harbour on our way to Saaremaa island. There was an hour and half until our ferry, so we got ourselves hot coffee at a local cafe. It's going to be an awesome weekend, I thought. Already it was starting out pretty well - almost no traffic, beautiful landscapes, nice smooth roads. Ferry ride to Muhu island was going to take about 30 minutes, price: 8,40€ for the car and 3€/person. In fact it was really quick ride, just enough to have a quick walk through the small vessel. They do offer some snacks, in case somebody is hungry.

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