Your best One day in Tallinn without kids

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One day in Tallinn without kids

Disclaimer: I sincerely advise you to do the full-day One day in Tallinn without kids experience on a Saturday to allow yourself to recuperate on Sunday. Also, book everything in advance, because we are adults and adults plan stuff.  

I have a soft spot for Tallinn. It just keeps getting better and better each year. New venues and restaurants are always waiting for you to discover them. So, how about you treat yourself to a real 1-day holiday here? In fact, bring a few adult friends along for the ride. I promise, y’all will remember it for a long time.

One day in Tallinn without kids

Wash it all away – 11am

The best way to start out One day in Tallinn without kids city break is by leaving behind the worries of the past week, literally washing them away. Tallinn is now home to a real adult-only Spa – Spa18. No pesky screaming kids ruining your attempts to relax in a Jacuzzi. There are plenty of saunas here and a well-stocked bar for you to enjoy. So, grab a Mai Thai and take your time in that Jacuzzi. You deserve it.

The whole experience should take a good 2-3 hours. Don’t forget to ask for a private birch branch slapping experience.

This is the only spot outside city Centre on this day. Hitch a ride back and forth using Taxify app.

One day in Tallinn without kids

Chopstick time! 3pm

As a huge fan of Asian cuisine, every new Asian restaurant opening is music to my ears. Truth be told, though, most are content serving the same menu as the other 10 restaurants. Imagine my delight, when a Japanese restaurant opened… without sushi on the menu.

Washoku Story is in the new neighborhood on the outskirts of the Old Town. They’ve made a genius choice of focusing on Ramen, fresh salads and Japanese delicacies. The menu has been created by a resident Japanese chef and is not yet serving to any taste. AND there is a good selection of Japanese craft beers, Sake and even whiskey. Who could say “no” to that?!

One day in Tallinn without kids

Take in the sights 4pm

Now with our stomachs full and energy restored, let’s be casual and just take a walk. No matter the season – Tallinn Old Town is a medieval marvel. Even after decades of living here, I enjoy every single walk down those medieval pavestones. There are two distinct observation platforms. One – overlooking the centre and one – the harbour. Why not visit them both, while taking in the atmosphere.

One day in Tallinn without kids

Let’s really rub it in 5pm

As adults, we are not afraid of a little pain. And what a bitter pain to look for than that of an authentic Thai massage? There are several Spas offering this service in town. My favorite one though is hidden within the old town of Tallinn. Thai Refresh is very small, but has an incredible atmosphere of family-run Thai salon. Massage is performed by lovely Thai ladies, who will be all over you for an hour and a half.

Their technique is a mix of traditional Thai moves, with a little bit European blended in. I strongly advise to take the “mid-strength” version, lest you want to squirm like a worm on a hot pan.

One day in Tallinn without kids

Let’s work on our looks, shall we? 7pm

Now, with our chakras opened, it’s time to prepare for the evening and there is no better place for that than a barber’s shop. These (finally) started appearing in Tallinn a few years ago to men’s delight. Unfortunately, they are not all equal. Quality and professionalism as well as hygiene are mildly speaking questionable in some of those. But, we are going to visit the best one.

It’s called Truman and is located in the center of Tallinn. Stylish interior, appropriate music and more people with amazing hands make this place special. Time to give your face the love it deserves. Definitely opt for the full shaving package. If your hair could use some work, they can accommodate as well.

Naturally, you can pick a cold beer or a glass of bourbon to go along with your treatment. If you have a choice – ask for Diana. She gives an amazing head massage.

PS Yes, barber’s is a boys’ club, but ladies have two excellent pastime options right next door:

Hop onto the other side of the street to visit Salon Plus to make your hair look extra good. Alternatively, take an elevator ride 24 floors up for some Strawberry Margaritas and a great view of evening Tallinn in the ever-popular Lounge 24.

One day in Tallinn without kids

A burger and a movie… hell yeah! 9pm

A short 10-minute walk away from Truman’s is a cellar serving one of the best burgers in town. Burger Factory chefs grill some mean ecological paddies on real charcoal. The guys were cheeky enough to work with a small brewery to invent their own brand of Blonde Ale to go along.

Right next door is one of the oldest cinemas in Tallinn – Kosmos (obviously meaning space in Russian). It has recently returned from slumber with a top-notch modern IMAX experience. They tend to run the largest Blockbusters over and over so if you did not catch one yet, now is as good a time as any. By the way, they serve some creative movie themed cocktails.

One day in Tallinn without kids

Let’s finish with a blast! 12am

Midnight is the perfect time to get into a club to shake it for a few hours. Since we are experienced adults, we will opt for one of the best in business. Club Prive is actually over a decade-old but still packs a punch. Especially now when they are under new management.

There is a themed party almost every weekend and the line can get silly. So, why not grab a VIP package for express check-in and a bottle of hard liquor, mixers, snacks and a table? If you are a group of 4 or 6, this is a far better option than general admission.

This is a guest article by Vladimir Jelov, a fellow travel lover. In daily life he is a sales, marketing and IT expert, as well as business writer. He recently grown a beard (literally), resides in Tallinn and is constantly on a look-out for a warm country to call his office. Check out his latest blog Smarketing Works.

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