Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary for one week

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Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary

Summer holiday period is just a few weeks from now. If you are planning a one week Europe trip and looking at Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary as a possible destination but with no particular preference in terms of the country to visit, this itinerary is for you! It makes a lot of sense to come to Eastern Europe for at least a week. There is so much to do and see, so why limit yourself with just one country.
We have compiled a list of the best countries to visit on Eastern Europe backpacking route  on one week itinerary or more, so you won’t need to go through tons of information. Even if it doesn’t match exactly your plan, you can still find some inspiration and Eastern Europe trip ideas for your future travels.

Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary starts in Budapest!

Budapest is a good entry point to fly in from anywhere in the world. Book your one week European flight early and don’t forget to take advantage of our clever flight booking tips!

Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary - Budapest

Discovering Buda and Pest

There is a good reason why you should start exploring hidden beauty of Budapest on your 1 week Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary. The city is not yet crowded with tourist masses, has its charm and unique atmosphere. Also, it is not spoiled with tourist traps! You will be surprised by how culturally diverse it is. Some sources say it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! We recommend picking a centrally located hotel – for example Hotel City Inn 3*, so you could walk everywhere. Hop on a river cruise on Danube river or simply walk your way through the enchanting streets and UNESCO world heritage sites. Forget time while observing the stunning Parliament building. Oh, and don’t forget to pay a visit to famous thermal baths in Budapest! They are so worth it!

One day won’t be enough, so make a plan to stay overnight and enjoy the city in the morning, the next day. After tasty lunch (goulash!), board the 2 PM train heading to Prague for your next adventure! Journey time is around 7 hours and you should arrive in Prague just before bed time. By the way – train travel is the best way to experience any Europe itinerary!

Prague walking route

Eastern Europe backpacking route – Exploring Prague

Enjoy your day in the Czech Republic capital with a fresh cup of coffee and a walk in the old town. Try to wake up early, before it gets crowded. Prague has lots of fascinating museums for you to have a look at. If you enjoy good beer – you will find lots of different flavors. Weather permitting, consider taking the panorama boat tour to see Prague from water. For fit readers, there is a true challenge – climb the steps all the way up to Vyšehrad (Czech for “upper castle”).

I recommend staying in Prague for at least one full day and catching an overnight train to Warsaw around 10 PM. This way you will save on hotel and keep traveling in the same time. The train has sleeping compartments, so you should be comfortable enough and enjoy the train ride. Eastern Europe by train is the best way to save and explore local cultures!

Looking for more travel inspiration?
Travel Tips: Extend your Eastern Europe travel itinerary and visit Romania! The country has lots to offer and you can bring home these awesome Romanian Souvenirs from the road trip

Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary - Warsaw

Eating out in Warsaw

The capital of Poland has been heavily destroyed during WWII and rebuilt afterwards, so it may seem very modern. TIP: If you enjoy history, consider visiting Museum of World War Two in Gdansk Poland. Its architecture is a good mix of Gothic churches, Soviet-era blocks and modern skyscrapers. Right in the city center lies an impressive soviet style building – Palace of Culture and Science. If you have been to Moscow, you will probably recognize it, as there are many similar towers.

Despite the city being heavily damaged, former old town has been nicely reconstructed offering cute market square and outdoor cafes. Enjoy one day of your 7 Days in Europe Itinerary with tasty local cuisine – sausages with mustard, pierogi (dumplings-like dish) and various soups just to name a few. Stay overnight in central Warsaw and continue exploring after sunset. Next day, take a bus to Vilnius.

Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary - Vilnius

Seeking peace in Vilnius

The trip to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is around 10 hours, so leaving early enough will allow you to arrive in Vilnius in late afternoon. Check in at your hotel and get ready to head out to town for a dinner and some sightseeing. Vilnius is not a large city and it’s possible to explore most of it in one day. If you feel tired, you may leave the city tour for the next day. What should you see in Vilnius? Gediminas Tower, gate of Dawn and Church of St. Anne are among the most popular tourist attractions. Once you have finished the sightseeing, catch the evening bus to Riga. Journey time is only 4 hours.

Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary - Riga

Partying in Riga

Good morning and welcome to Latvian capital! Waste no time and head straight for the old town in Riga. Incredibly well-preserved, the city has some impressive medieval architecture and narrow cobbled streets at every corner. As soon as the day starts turning into night, the streets come alive. Enjoy the hospitality and good prices at city’s numerous cafes and bars. Riga is a party town!

Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary - Tallinn

Going back in time in Tallinn

Only 4 more hours away lies the beautiful shiny Estonian capital – Tallinn. Similarly to Riga, Tallinn has very well preserved old town with lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs. The city has also very nice and walkable seaside promenade. Join a guided tour or treat yourself to a self-guided tour.

Tallinn may seem very different from other cities on your Eastern Europe Travel Itinerary, because its old town is one of the oldest in Europe and a perfect example of medieval northern European trading city.

Tallinn is very well connected to the rest of Scandinavia and central Europe with daily direct flights, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty booking your flight home. Moreover, the city is so small that you can take a direct tram to the airport!

Fancy to see more? Here are some more great things to do in Tallinn. Also, consider hopping on a ferry to Helsinki!

Have you been to Eastern Europe before? Which cities did you visit?

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