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usa food adventures

I’ve been thinking about writing a USA related food blog post for a while now. Finally I’m ready to share some pictures and recommendations from our coolest trip so far: USA roadtrip! So all food lovers, check out our food adventures USA – my personal top  of the American food picks! We were obviously saving on our meals – food in the USA isn’t cheap. But eating fast food for 14 days straight isn’t easy, so some days we went to better restaurants.

Starting off with some fast food – “Asian” type of meal that you can get in most shopping centers – rice with shrimps and some fresh salad. Simple, yet tasty and quite inexpensive – around 8$. This one we had in a mall in San Diego (Las Americas Outlets)

food adventures usa

Our food adventures USA took us to all kind of places! Right next to our motel there was a fast food joint called Denny’s. It was OK to go there once, the food is quite fatty and a bit overpriced. It seems to be popular with the locals though. The pancakes tasted very differently to what we are used to here. I liked the “diet” version of the breakfast (Fit Slam) – Egg whites scrambled together with fresh spinach and grape tomatoes, plus two turkey bacon strips, an English muffin and seasonal fruit. However, I believe this is what many European based “American” restaurants look like.

food adventures usa

Getting hungry at San Diego Zoo means you might be stuck with something like this – chili flavored beans, cheese sauce and fries. It tastes good for a little bit, but after a while you will start missing the salad.

food adventures usa

One of the Japanese fast food chains with a bit more expensive choice – this one was on an offer. For around 10$ you get this amazing Teriyaki chicken, rice and salad plus some deep fried vegetables. Not bad at all compared to all the fast food we had previously.


Fast food again – at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. This smoked turkey was (no joking) about 30cm long. Way too much meat for an average European! It was also bit too dry, but did the job of filling up the tummy.


Cheesecake was on my to-eat lists for a long time. Of course I had to try it in the USA. We were spending our last evening in LA, at Santa Monica Pier, and went for a coffee in Rusty’s Surf Ranch. The cake was delicious – exactly how it should be!


The city of Sin – Las Vegas. Entertainment isn’t cheap there, so we were trying to save on food. This is a meal from an Asian fast food chain in a mall. Not too bad, but you can’t eat this every day. Deep fried food just isn’t healthy.


Last evening, before leaving Las Vegas, we went for a good meal. There is an nice Italian place near the Linq. This salad was amazing, along with Canoli – typical Italian dessert. Price for two – 50$.

img_1565 img_1566

Obviously, you can’t have true food adventures USA and skip some good BBQ! As soon as we arrived in Flagstaff (not far from Great Canyon), I opened Google Maps to look for a nice BBQ place for us to eat. This beauty only cost us around 30$ but was more than enough for two! The meat was amazing, easily best I’ve ever tried. To cook such a meat to perfection, these accessories may be key. Place is called Satchmo’s and has very high rating. To be honest, I can see why. It looks very basic, but the quality of service is above average.


As a gesture of gratitude for long waiting, they brought us these yummy brownies for free.


Our last stop was in Palm Springs – we decided to treat ourselves and went to an Italian place called Appetito. This was grilled salmon with fresh salad and the one below are tortellini in lobster sauce. Combined with lovely outside terrace, good warm evening and breathtaking sunset over the mountains, it was an unforgettable evening.



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USA food adventures


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