Hiking Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso Slovakia

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Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

For our second year in a row in Slovakia we, once again, picked the High Tatras region. As I wrote in my previous posts, hiking in High Tatras is an amazing experience – moderately difficult but so much fun at the same time. This year we decided to try hiking Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso – around 10km one way hike along the funicular route. Predne Solisko (2093m) is considered one of the easiest peaks for hikers, suitable for families with children, seniors and other not particularly trained hikers. The trail is rather quiet – we hardly met any other hikers (most people hike Popradske Pleso, which we did last year).

Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

How to get to Strbske Pleso

Once again we drove to Slovakia by car and picked Strba as our base. This little town is perfect due to proximity to mountains, highway and most of High Tatras attractions. We booked a room at a private house over Booking.com and paid 25€ per night for triple room. In the morning, we drove to Strbske Pleso and parked our car at a car parking garage (5,50€/day).

Most trails start near the train station in Strbske Pleso. You may also find many hotels, restaurants and shops there. Our trail was the yellow one and took us around the lake with beautiful views all the way to the foot of the mountain.

Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

Hiking Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

The hike is relatively easy at the start, with steep incline along the (inactive) funicular route. In winter, this must be a super fun skiing slope. As we were ascending, the views became more surreal and the lake in Strbske Pleso became smaller. By the time we reached Chata Solisko (1840m), we were so high above that we could hardly see anything below.

Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

Upper station of the funicular  is a place where you can enjoy a truly delicious coffee with a spectacular view! Many visitors arrive by a chairlift, therefore we enjoyed almost no crowds along the way. However, staying there was not the plan for us – we wanted to go all the way up to Predne Solisko. This time, the hike was a bit more difficult, but not too bad. At some points we were required to climb the stones, rather than walk. The path was overcrowded, too. Once we reached the peak, the view was breathtaking!

Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

What to pack

The hike took us close to 4 hours with all the photo stops. At the start of the trail it was quite hot, but bringing warm clothes for the peak is essential. As we were getting higher, the wind became much colder. You can easily buy water and snacks at the restaurant at the upper station, so no need to bring too much food – it will only add unnecessary weight to your backpack.

Good shoes are a must – preferbly trekking boots with ankle support. I also recommend hiking poles, you may need them for descend (save your knees!). I used my GoPro for filming the trip and taking selfies at the top – fantastic camera! However, you won’t have any trouble asking fellow travelers for photo in case your are traveling solo.

Predne Solisko from Strbske Pleso

Where to eat

Although you have a chance to eat at the uper station, we opted for a quick chairlift ride down (7€/person) and a lunch at a proper restaurant. Thanks to Google Maps, we found a place called Macova Koliba – small family run restaurant offering traditional Slovak meals for very affordable prices! It’s not too far from the Strbske Pleso, parhaps 10 minutes drive. Very quiet and peaceful place. We ordered mixed meat and veggies inside a potato pancake – delicious!


  1. Emily Laws

    A great journey that you had! I love the fact that you only pack the essential things to make yourself more comfortable to do the hiking with no problem! I would love to do that but I’m a little scared of high altitudes, but seems to be amazing!

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