Rocking at a concert in A2 club Saint Petersburg, Russia

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concert in A2 club Saint Petersburg

Last weekend I was lucky to attend a concert of my favorite Russian band called “Surganova & Orkestr”. The concert was held in one of the coolest clubs in Saint Petersburg – A2 Green Concert. In this post, I will share how I got the tickets, where I stayed, where to eat and much more. I booked my accommodation within walking distance of the event venue to make it easier getting back to hotel after the concert.

Buying concert tickets was the first thing I did. It was very easy to purchase those on Kassir website. The website is in Russian, but I’m sure Google will translate it for you. In case you are looking for any event tickets in Russia – this is a place to go. Payment was done by credit card and was processed instantly. It wasn’t even necessary to print the tickets, you can simply show the QR code on your phone.

How to get there?

Saint petersburg metro

I arrived from Tallinn, Estonia by bus to the Baltic railway station and had to use metro to get to the hotel. One thing I love about Saint Petersburg metro system is its efficiency and really beautiful design of stations. Metro tickets (coins) can be purchased from a ticket machine, one way is 45P (0,60€). In order to get to Petrogradskaya station, you need to change trains at Technologichaskiy Institut. Changing trains doesn’t require new payment, all you need to do is simply walk across the platform to the other side.

Once you arrive at Petrogradskaya, there are many shops, bakeries, cafes and restaurants to grab a quick bite. The hotel is max 5 min walking distance from the station and is really easy to find (unlike many other hotels in St. P).

Amsterdam Hotel

amsterdam hotel

I booked this hotel on mainly due to its proximity to the concert venue. In fact, it was even closer than I anticipated. The hotel itself is very cozy, reception is open for your service 24h. The price was 27€ for 1 night and included delicious breakfast. The room was spacious and very quiet. The only thing I didn’t like was the softness of the bed (I prefer it sturdier) and the radiators were blasting off heat, so I had to keep the windows open for a while.

amsterdam hotel

amsterdam hotel

On the positive note, the hotel allows to use the restaurant upstairs to get tea/coffee and cookies whenever you want. There is also free drinking water tank.

Where to eat


Since my last trip, I had a Evrazija (European/Asian restaurant) loyalty card for nice discounts and decided I was in the mood for sushi rolls. Luckily, there are 2(!) Evrazija restaurants in the area, one of them right behind the corner. Long story short – the food was just as amazing as it always is and the whole thing cost me hardly 10€. Gotta love Russian prices! By the way – they also had free Wifi.

A2 Green Concert

concert in A2 club Saint Petersburg 2

The concert venue is located in the old building and is extremely easy to find. It doesn’t really look like a typical concert hall from the outside, though. Once inside, it’s actually quite large and fits 500 people on the dance floor. There are also VIP tables on the balconies. I arrived a bit early and occupied a place in front of the stage, waiting for the show to start. The concert was beyond amazing! The quality of sound is very good, so I highly recommend this place if you like to dance and party.

Getting home

Saint Petersburg

The next morning I had my return bus tickets for 08:45 and decided to take the metro back to bus station. The trip was very quick, even tough I had to change trains and walk a bit between stations (without leaving the metro). Saint Petersburg bus station has free Wifi internet and pretty bad coffee, so make sure to grab some on your way from the metro – there will be a dedicated kiosk selling good quality drinks.

The weekend was quite crazy, considering it’s a 7 hour one way trip from Tallinn to Saint Pete by bus. Thanks to free visa, it’s now possible to do such things, although I might stay longer next time and enjoy the city some more.

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