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Moscow Russia Highlights in November

I’ll be honest – November is not the perfect time to visit Moscow Russia. It’s dark, dirty, muddy and will hardly impress as much as, say, in summer. But that’s when I visited and I will speak of this time of the year. I’ve been looking to visiting this huge city for a while already. As a European national, it wasn’t hard to get a visa. We decided to fly in, so my first impression was Sheremetyevo Airport. It’s huge! passport control is swift and easy, although authorities took their time to inspect my passport carefully. Finally we were out of the gates and met by our dear friends. Here are the Moscow Russia highlights – best of Moscow in November!

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Moscow foodies guide

Enjoying local food has become a big part of my travels lately. Refilling energy levels with a nice meal, tasting some local flavors – it all forms an opinion about the destination. And if we are traveling off season, when the weather is not great, good dining option become crucial. That’s exactly what happened to us in Moscow this year in November. Luckily, we had two amazing guides who showed us around. As a result, we decided to compile a full Moscow foodies guide for like minded travelers!

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