Traveling jobs no experience – how to get one at the beginning of your career

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Most people go to college or university with no clear idea of what they want to become. Hardly anyone is thinking about getting a travel job. Ten years ago when asked what my dream job would be, my first thought was – I want to travel and socialize. It was my dream and my parents made it clear that the world doesn’t work like that. First, you need to get an education. Traveling is something you do in your free time. Luckily, we don’t have a tradition in our family of children pursuing their parents’ professions. So I had a free choice and went to study Cruise Industry Management in Germany. It was the beginning of my path to acquiring traveling jobs with no experience.

Travel studies

Safe to say, studying everything about the travel industry did not get me close to my dream travel job – somehow it all went down to maximizing your employer’s revenue with long hours in the office. Wait, I thought I was going to travel the world for money. Well, it appears that other people travel the world – for their own money. You are just working behind the scenes, making their holiday more profitable for your boss. Some of my fellow students had a chance to work on a cruise ship as interns but guess what – none of them had a holiday there. It was a tough job, long hours and almost no pay. My panic was getting stronger. What if the travel industry is not that fun at all? How do people get traveling jobs with no experience?

traveling jobs no experience
Paradise – El Alamein beach

First traveling jobs no experience

I was incredibly lucky to get an entry level travel job at a tour operator company. Why was I lucky? Well, working for a tour operator has its benefits. First – the company is small and relatively wealthy. Tour operators are the ones responsible for organizing packaged holidays. Travel agents are the companies who sell these packages. In our company we did both – organize holidays and sell them to clients. So why was I lucky? I got to travel! For the first time in my life I was on a plane, flying to a different country. It was North coast of Egypt on Mediterranean Sea. It was the first time I saw turquoise blue Sea. I was speechless! This trip left me craving for more travel and experiences. My appetite was growing – I wanted to see it all!

On this first trip we visited Sahara desert, a real Oasis, Cairo, the Pyramids and the city of Alexandria. We also went on a breath-taking jeep safari in the desert It was amazing!


traveling jobs no experience Safari in Sahara desert near Siwa Oasis
Safari in Sahara desert near Siwa Oasis

Experience is everything

First job has taught me to be patient and look forward. I got to see other destinations and I got promoted several times. The most important thing that I learned is to never give up – just keep your head up and visualize your goal. There are tons of possibilities how to realize a dream – just need to wait for the right moment and go for it. Having a courage to make the first step is a single most important thing in life.

Giza pyramids
Egypt is a magical land and is worth a visit

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