Things to do in Eilat Israel

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Things to do in Eilat Israel

This totally unexpected agent trip to Eilat Israel happened back in October 2009. Seven days of sunshine, luxury hotel, Red Sea, coral reefs, dolphins, history and desert heat! Can’t tell you how excited I was. Eilat Israel is a resort town located in the South of the country, with only 11 km of coastline it’s tiny and compact.

On the other hand you have everything you might need right outside the door – shops, malls, fantastic restaurants and world class beach facilities. The Red Sea is warm and offers great diving opportunities for any taste. Welcome to our Things to do in Eilat Israel guide!

Things to do in Eilat Israel
Sunrise view from my hotel room

We stayed at Queen of Sheba hotel – great location and very close to the beach. I started my mornings with a quick snorkel and managed to see colorful fish right next to my hotel.

Things to do in Eilat Israel

Things to do in Eilat Israel – Sunset cruise

The best way to end a day full of sun and beach activities is to board on one of the yachts and sail the Gulf of Aqaba.The whole resort is sparkling in the setting sun. You can observe three countries at once – Egypt, Israel and Jordan. All of them peacefully melt into a picturesque background and you almost forget about borders. You will be passing Doplin reef and have a good chance spotting the dolphins. Once your boat reaches the imaginative border, you will be greeted by a border patrol and turn around to head back. Once the sun sets, music, snacks and drinks will get the party going!

Things to do in Eilat Israel

Dolphin reef

One of the highlights of this trip and one of the best Things to do in Eilat Israel was definitely visiting dolphin reef in Eilat Israel. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet and observe these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.  The park offers various way to experience dolphins – snorkeling or diving with guided group or watching them from the docks during feeding times.

Things to do in Eilat Israel

Adult  – 75 EUR (from age 15)   Child  – 68 EUR (from age 10)

Adult  – 88 EUR (from age 15) Child  – 80 EUR (from age 8)

Things to do in Eilat Israel - Eilat Israel coral reef

There is also a nice beach with coral reefs if you have your own mask and fins (no worries if you don’t, you can buy them in a souvenir shop nearby). I spent half a day just snorkeling around the coral reef – it’s stunningly beautiful and unspoiled!

Things to do in Eilat Israel - Eilat Israel coral reef

Coral World Observatory

This unique park offers lots of possibilities to spend a great day close to underwater world with over 800 species of fish, coral, sharks, mollusks, stingrays, turtles, and many other animals from the Gulf of Eilat. Make sure to check out the tower right off the coast with underwater observing space located 12 m below water surface. Enjoy coral reef without disturbing it!

Opening hours:  Daily 08.30-16.00

Things to do in Eilat Israel outside the resort

Things to do in Eilat Israel desert

Timna Park

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Timna Park – former copper mining site located just outside Eilat Israel. Among other attractions, be sure to visit Temple of Hathor, the Mushroom, impressive Arches and ancient rock-drawings depicting hunters of ostriches and ibexes. Timna Park has a lot to offer. Just don’t forget a hat and plenty of water.

Things to do in Eilat Israel day trip to dead sea

Jerusalem and Dead Sea day trip from Eilat

Your holiday just wouldn’t be perfect without visiting Jerusalem and going for a swim in the Dead Sea. Be prepared for an early start though – the bus ride to the Dead Sea will take 3 hours. Bring your swim suite and prepare for a fantastic experience of floating on a water with 34% of salt. Even smallest scratch will hurt. When you are done with floating on a oil-like surface, be sure to cover your skin with the mud and let it dry in the sun. Your skin will be amazing after that!

Things to do in Eilat Israel - day trip to Jerusalem

Another 1,5 hour bus ride and you will enjoy the ancient streets of the the most mysterious city I have ever seen. Walking the cobblestone streets, you will enjoy the whirl of cultures and traditions still kept here the same way as thousands of years ago. You will see the famous Western Wall (also known as Wishing Wall), visit the old market, peek inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and wander the old streets filled with merchants.

Things to do in Eilat Israel day trip to Jerusalem

Security in Eilat

Crossing the border can be quite unusual and a bit stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Israel is taking security very seriously and they have every reason to do so. Be prepared for a long and tedious interview with a border guard.

Although there are numerous humors how bad this interview can get, in fact they are just doing the job and the questions are quite straight forward. They may ask you to show pictures off your camera or even login to your Facebook.

Things to do in Eilat Israel

You will also notice a lot of armed militia patrolling the streets. Nothing to be afraid of, in fact it gives you a certain feeling of protectiveness. After latest events in Europe, I have seen similar patrols all around France as well.

Have you ever been to Eilat or anywhere else in Israel?


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