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The eternal city never sleeps. When day turns into night, the lights come alive, streets fill up with curious travelers and the city is filled with Rome night walking tours. The shades start to play on the famous monuments and fountains. In summertime, after dark is the best time to be outdoors. The heat becomes less torturous, nothing can beat a good, long walk in the dark alleys, lit-up streets, and mysterious old town.

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During my visit last year summer nights I arrived in Rome in the evening and had to leave the next morning. So, I literally saw the city at night and never regretted it. Visiting Italy’s fabulous capital should be number one on the list of things to do in Italy. This is your personal guide on cool places to go in Rome at night! For even more insights, have a look at this amazing (#ad) Rome at night photos book!

Things to do in Rome at night vatican #rome #italy #night

It’s best to start Rome night walking tour in Vatican City

Vatican City and Vatican Museums are a must-see, no matter day or night. Even if you won’t get a chance to visit the famous Vatican Museum, you should still take a walk to St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, enjoy the massive Bernini fountains, and feel the majestic energy of the place. You may close your eyes and imagine yourself traveling back in time when religion played a huge role in people’s everyday lives and pilgrims from all over the world came here to see the Pope. In order to enjoy all of these nice walks in full, be sure to wear really comfortable shoes – my favorite pair is (#ad) New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V4 – these shoes are both lightweight and have great cushion! 

When you look up, you can see numerous sculptures – Bernini’s colonnade. Each detail of the square is designed with religious views in mind and a sense of perfection. This spiritual place is where people find peace, especially during nighttime. Visiting the Vatican is one of our favorite things to do in Rome at night. One great advantage of visiting the Vatican is the possibility of getting there by metro, in case your hotel is near Roma Termini train station. I recommend staying there because it’s easy to get around as well as travel by train. Some good hotels are Hotel California, Hotel Orlanda or, if you your budget is tight – Casa Vicenza Guesthouse.

Things to do in Rome at night angelo #rome #night #italy #angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo may be your answer to what to do in Rome at night

Castel Sant’Angelo is one of my favorite objects for night photography and one of the coolest Rome attractions. I love the history behind this building – it was initially built by Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. Later, the building was used by the Popes as a fortress and castle, as well as a prison.

At night, the castle is illuminated along with the pedestrian bridge Ponto Sant’Angelo leading to the front gates. You will discover many interesting photo angles, especially from nearby Ponto Vittorio Emanuele II. Take note of the beautiful angel statue on the roof of the castle.

Things to do in Rome at night colosseum


Another cool place to go in Rome at night is the Majestic Colosseum – impressive both at day and nighttime. It is very well-lit during dark hours and will be a great photo spot. If you wish to avoid crowds and see the famous arena from a slightly different angle, consider booking a Colosseum & dungeons night tour as your next option for things to do in Rome at night. Remember, that the underground section can only be visited with a guided tour, so this opportunity is quite unique way to enrich your Rome travel itinerary!

Things to do in Rome at night trevi


Among the best things to do in Rome Italy, visiting fountains has a special place. The mother of all Roman fountains – the Trevi fountain – is so much better by night than it is by day. Somehow, each time I visit, it never gets less crowded. In the dark hour, the lights start to play on the water, drawing mysterious shades and figures on the walls. The scene depicted on the marble comes alive. The water is refreshing and sparkling. The whole impression of this masterpiece is completely different from what it is in the daytime.

Moving on, my next favorite fountain in Rome is the beautiful Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi at Piazza Navona. The square has actually 3 fountains to admire, with the one mentioned being the largest and most famous one. Unlike Trevi with its closed space, Piazza Navona is much larger, with lots of fresh air. if your budget allows it, enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine at one of the outdoor cafes along the perimeter of the square. If not – just grab an ice cream (gelato) and seize the moment.

One more fountain that I like in Rome is located in Piazza di Spagna (at the foot of the Spanish steps) and is called Fontana della Barcaccia. Sculptured by Bernini and his son, it has the shape of a half-sunken ship.

Things to do in Rome at night restaurant

How to spend an evening in Rome when you get hungry

La Base

If you are staying anywhere around the Colosseum and/or Termini train station, you can easily hop in La Base restaurant. The place is open every day until 04:30 AM. Address: Via Cavour 274/276. Their menu is a mix of typical Italian PIzza as well as steaks and drinks. Thanks to its great location, La Base draws many hungry visitors, late-night party-goers, and theater people.

Dolce Maniera

Quite close to Vatican City and Castel Sant’Angelo, this tiny cake shop is heaven on Earth when you get your late-night sugar rush. The place is famous among locals and tourists for excellent pastries and for being open 24/7. Don’t miss your chance and hop in for a late-night snack. Address: Via Barletta, 27. In fact, Roman pastries are so famous, that they should be included in a dedicated food tour!

Ai Marmi

When your late-night walk takes you a bit further, out of old town Rome, to the famous party district Trastevere, this simple pizzeria may be your best bet at a late hour. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, top-quality pizza, and decent prices, all in one place! Address: Viale Trastevere, 53. Trastevere is definitely one of the coolest places to visit in Rome for any kind of meal.

What to wear in Rome at night

What to wear depends on the time of the year when you visit. During our last visit in early December, however, the temperatures dropped down to chilly +5C and we had to wear our light-down jackets, scarf, and mittens. It’s always best to research before you go and prepare to wear layers, just like anywhere else in Europe during winter.

Things to do in Rome at night bus

Getting around Rome at night

If you feel exhausted from Rome sightseeing but don’t feel like taking a cab, a night bus may be an option. The bus between Vatican and Termini station operates every 15 minutes, so you can relax and take a quick ride back to your hotel anytime you need.

Unless you are going to stay in a very distant area, I recommend getting around Rome on foot. Walking is both refreshing and rewarding – you may spot some hidden gems, like building carving, small fountains, memorials, and other cool things. It’s quite safe, too, especially in the touristy areas. Termini station and around may seem a bit sketchy, but takes time to get used to. Violent crime is rare, pick pocketing may be a bit of a problem. Just use your common sense and ignore anyone trying to approach you for whatever reason.

Last but not least, traditional taxis and Uber are also available and are the most comfortable ways to travel in Rome at night. However, you should be careful and check the price before you go with either option. Taxi prices in Rome are rather high and Uber is only offering premium cars. The best way is to check beforehand how much the Uber quote is, then approach the cab and ask for their estimate. Taking a taxi is probably the fastest way to reach all the nighttime activities in Rome!

Is Rome safe at night?

According to Tripadvisor reviews as well as my own experience, Rome city center is very safe both day and night. You are more likely to get the attention of pickpockets, rather than serious crime. Normal precautions should be followed – no expensive watches, gold etc should be worn. Keep your purse close to your body, not in a bag. Also, don’t bring all your cash with you when you go out. Rome’s main attractions are very crowded, even during later evenings and nights. There are plenty of tourists as well as friendly locals, shop and restaurant owners, and souvenir sellers. It’s unlikely you will get into trouble during the night in Rome.

Traveling in a small group is always better than alone, though.

Things to do in Rome at night vespa

Fun things to do at night – Rome night tours

Vespa night tour

This tour will give you a chance to feel like a real Roman. Visit Rome’s most beautiful squares, fountains, and monuments without straining your legs – on a scooter! Vespa is the most famous Italian scooter brand, easy to use, and very fun to drive. The guide will show you the best of Rome and tell you all the facts. In addition to all the usual sightseeing, you will have a chance to experience true Italian driving culture! Personally, for me, this is the best Rome at night tour!

Sunset bike tour

This is a great way to explore Rome on your first visit. Hopping on a bike gives you a chance to explore larger areas of the city. You will see historic sights and parks, bridges and monuments. Having a guide with you makes it more enjoyable, entertaining, and safe.


If you enjoy jazz music and would like to have dinner and see some of Rome at the same time, this tour may be for you. The journey length is 3 hours. You will be served dinner, and wine and the whole thing is accompanied by live musicians. The tour costs 70 Euros, so if you are on a budget, you may get a better deal at a stationary restaurant + a walk afterward. Driving a tram through the streets will grant you the best night view in Rome!

Rome night photography tour

Do you enjoy snapping good photos? Then this tour is for you – 3 3-hour photo tour of the best photo spots in Rome after dark. Late-night Rome is very well-lit, making it an ideal photo object for millions of hobby photographers every year. Your guide will help you with composition and give advice regarding settings, so don’t worry if you are not an expert yet. You will be after this tour!

Ghost and mystery tour

A night in Rome will be complete without proper ghosts! Do you enjoy ghost stories that are both scary and funny? The tour is full of historical information, where you will learn a lot about ancient Rome at night from a completely different angle. Guaranteed you will have a good time with an informative guide who will keep you entertained throughout the whole tour.

Rome catacombs

This is one of the least-known tours, but so worth it. Learn about the underground secrets Rome is kept for centuries. The tour will take you to Capuchin Crypt and Museums, and afterwards to The Catacombs of Priscilla. You will have a chance to explore the Roman underground dating back to 2000 years with secret, hidden passageways.

Things to do in Rome at night

Does Rome airport close at night

The simple answer is – of course not! Rome International Fiumicino Airport is always welcoming new visitors – day and night! For those looking to lay down, you can expect to find a few solid sleep spots have reclining chairs, sofas, or armrest-free benches. If you can’t check in and enter the transit zone, the best tip is to find a restaurant that has closed down for the night and use their sofas. Bringing an eye mask and a small blanket will save you from bright lights and the cold.

Things to do in Rome at night – conclusion

It’s up to you to decide, whether you would like to see the eternal city by day, spend an evening in Rome or experience Rome by night. All times have their own charm and are special. Night time is perfect in summer months, when the heat is unbearable during the day. However, if your internal clock doesn’t enjoy staying up late, early morning may be just as good. I have experienced Rome at both times and enjoyed them in a different way.

Either way – Rome is beautiful and exciting at any time of the day and any month of the year.

Do you prefer Rome in a day or night time? Why?

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