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10 Reasons for visiting Estonia in any season of the year!

Estonia is a tiny country in the Northern Europe, located just 80 km South of Finland. You may guess that the climate here is quite rough in winter months, making it a perfect place to stay indoors in a cosy environment. Most visitors end up seeing just an old town during their Baltics cruise. However, there is just so much more to do and see while visiting Estonia!

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ferry tallinn helsinki

Tallinn Helsinki Ferry – complete guide and prices

The two capitals (Tallinn Helsinki) are located fairly close to one another and are easily reached by ferry service. It’s an easy day trip – you can take the first ferry Tallinn Helsinki and return with the last one from Helsinki, leaving you enough time in the Finnish capital. Alternatively, travelers from Helsinki take the way down and spend the day in Estonian capital. As Finland has much better flight connections, many Estonian holiday crawlers get a one-way ticket to catch a plane from Vantaa Airport. Either way, you will hardly find a local, who hasn’t done the Tallinn Helsinki trip yet. But what if you are not a local. How do you book a ticket, where are the terminals, how does the boat look like etc? Let me explain it all for you.

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Cool things to do in Tallinn Estonia in one day

 Tallinn Estonia is full of surprises

Many people visit this town by cruise ship. This means around 6 hours of free time. Surely, this is not enough. But even in this short time many things can be seen. Probably the best way to explore Tallinn Estonia is to join a guided tour. The guide will show you old town and all the souvenir shops. If that’s what you are looking for – go for it. Personally, I wouldn’t go on a guided tour because they are boring. They only show you what you pay them for, but there is so much more. However, if it’s your first visit and you only have these 6 hours it’s probably the best thing to do.

Here is a small list of nice hidden treasures – things to do in Tallinn Estonia in one day – in case you are here for a little longer.

Tallinn Estonia tv tower

Tallinn Estonia TV Tower

This great new museum (yes, it is a museum) offers a nice view over town. Moreover, interactive exhibition and movies can be enjoyed by the guests. For those interested in action there is a chance to walk on the edge – wearing full safety equipment of course. Guided tours are also available. Kids will find plenty of interactive games and activities. Visiting the tower can easily take a whole day. Make sure to check out their great tasty cafe upstairs.

Opening hours: every day 10-19

Ticket info: Adult 13€, Child under 15y/student 6€

Tallinn Estonia seaplane harbour

Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn Estonia

This great new museum consists of different exhibitions related to marine vessels and sea planes. Rebuilt from seaplane hangars, it features cool design and modern media to give visitors best experience. There is even a real seaplane replica. Outside the hangars there is retired steamship open for visitors all year round. Take your time to explore as it is really exciting and authentic. Kids will be entertained by diverse games and simulators. Start you tour by checking out the history of boat making, traveling through the time and getting to know the people who were involved in it. Museum offers a wide selection of marine weapons. If you get hungry, make sure to try some marine-themed meals at the cafe on the second floor.

October–April: Tue–Sun, 10.00–18.00; May–September: Mon–Sun, 10.00–19.00

Ticket info: Adult 14€, Child under 18/student 7€

Tallinn Estonia energy center

Energy discovery centre in Tallinn Estonia

Another great place to visit – a unique, family friendly and entertaining centre where you can discover, play and learn! Among other activities, you will explore 101-year-old power plant, learn about distant planets and discoveries in space, study the old diesel engine and witness a unique lightning demonstration! This museum, unlike others, can be found relatively easily and is within walking distance from old town.

Opening hours: working days 10-19, weekends 11-19

Ticket info: Adult 9€, Child under 15y/student 7€


Viru Hotel KGB Museum in Tallinn Estonia

Located on 23-rd floor of Viru (Sokos) Hotel, this exciting museum tell the story of once so highly feared Soviet secret service KGB. Viru hotel has a long history and during Soviet Era was accommodating foreign travelers. so of course KGB had interest in being present there as well. The visit is guided and you will learn about the history of KGB activity in Estonia, the way they had spied on visitors and other exciting intelligence stories.

Opening hours: working days 10-17:30

Ticket info: Adult 10€

kajsamoor cruises

Kajsamoor cruise trips

Visiting in summer? Here is a tip – try one of the Kajsamoor cruises. This trip is about 3 hours long, tasty food is offered and you can enjoy the sun and fantastic view of the Tallinn Bay. Ship is sailing from Sea Plane Harbour. You can book your trip at Kajsamoor’s official website. In summer there are often campaigns with cheaper tickets, so stay alarmed for potential discounts.

This article is also available on GPSmyCITY – Cool things to do in Tallinn Estonia

So, how do YOU like to spend time in Tallinn? Share your thoughts! 🙂

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